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Was there a holiday this weekend? Anybody? Beuller?

July 5, 2009 8:06 PM 7/5/09

So the weekend didn’t start off too bad. Friday I got a few things done including fixing the hatchback completely (more on that later) then a couple of friends and I got out and got some fishing in and didn’t get back until 3 a.m. Saturday. (Didn’t catch anything but it was darn relaxing even if I wasn’t on my own boat.)

Needless to say I was too wiped on Saturday to get much of anything done and then da wife had to go volunteer at the autism center until the wee hours of the morning.

Today I managed to get the wire shelves constructed out in the garage and most of the technical/art books that I want to move out there separated from the rest of the library. I haven’t moved them out there yet but I can get that done tomorrow. I also managed to get rid of a bunch of old toner at the local Staples without a problem. Still slow on getting rid of the electronics but some of the metal casings went out into a bag today so that was good.

Still not spending enough time with the family but there’s so much I need to get done that will make life easier further down the road that I can’t quite get motivated when there’s so many other things on my mind. It’s almost impossible for me to ignore that stuff. :-(

Anyway I managed to get the hatchback fixed at least this weekend. The damn thing bit me in a couple places and I bled so I must have fixed it properly. It runs extremely smoothly now and the brakes work fine. Found out that they had the wrong master cylinder on it anyway - a power brake cylinder rather than a manual brake cylinder - so it’s good that I changed that out. I’m just happy it’s running regardless. I could really use the break on the gas during rainy days.

Speaking of breaks we may be able to buy a used compressor unit from a neighbor that’s moving out. If that works out then I get a window A/C unit for the garage which will help a lot out there. I’ll eventually find a way to cool things using off-the-grid methods but it’ll be nice to have a cool workspace during summer.

We’re both frazzled around here lately so I’m going to try to make this vacation the best one we’ve ever had so far. That’s going to take a lot of work on my part but I’m willing to do that. The problem is that I have to do that work for myself as well as her.

That’s not an easy thing...
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