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A melted transmitter sitting in the sun...

July 6, 2009 10:39 PM 7/6/09

So along with getting my car fixed I did some house cleaning in the garage. It was among that time that I realized my iPod was no longer responding to the click wheel. Wonderful. One more thing to pay for.

Doesn’t matter at the moment of course because the stinking FM transmitter I had on the dashboard of the hatchback actually melted and warped and killed the circuitry. When I get around to it I think I’m going to order an actual kit and install it physically behind the dash of the hatchback.

Speaking of which I had to test the brakes coming home today and they worked perfectly. For those of you who have never driven a car with manual brakes the car will stop on a dime but is much easier to lock up the wheels on. Now if only I had a manual transmission for that car...

Can’t sleep again. My wife thinks it’s her but really it’s just the heat and my own restlessness. I like having a blanket on me and a fan blowing on top of that. And since I need to go out and get a new pull-chain switch for the fan in the bedroom that means the room is uncomfortable for me.

To top the start of the week off the neighbor’s kid stopped by to tell me that now his computer is dead completely. I’m hoping it’s just the power supply but I’ll take a look at it tomorrow when I get home from work. *headdesk* If it’s truly broken like his father’s system I don’t think I’ll be able to pay for the repair again. AND he’ll be waiting until I come back from vacation for me to repair it.

Started collecting the books I want to take on the trip. I’m taking math primers/workbooks and drawing books. I’ll probably take at least one fiction book as well but I really want to focus on fixing my math and improving my drawing skills on this trip. It’s the single largest block of time I’ve had to do such things in years and I fully intend to take advantage of it.

The math thing has now become vitally important to me as it’s preventing me from working on certain design projects I want to accomplish. I need to be able to calculate things as well as build them with my hands. And now having acquired a 1kw generator head and inverter setup I have some serious things I want to try but definitely not without being able to run the numbers first because they can be fairly dangerous if I’m not careful.

I’ve told my wife that I want to get all my shipping done before we go on vacation even if it leaves me a little short before we leave. I’m adamant about that as I’ve sat on some different things around here that need to leave. Tempted to try and get some things up on E-Bay before we go but likely that won’t happen.

In anime news I finished Oh! My Goddess! and it was pretty good. I’m now waiting for Ah! My Goddess! from Netflix. In the meantime I managed to get a copy of Rideback off of E-Bay and I can’t seem to stop watching it. It’s by Geneon and it’s pretty damn good!

My new glasses should be in tomorrow so that will be nice. I got them in a different lense shape than I normally would and tinted grey so we’ll see how they look on me. Frankly as long as they are the right prescription I’ll be happy. Which reminds me that I need to buff the coating off the ones I’m wearing as we speak.

We need to get everything organized and cleaned around here before we leave. I’d like to get the camera server up and running but that’s not looking very likely due to the projected load this week.

I don’t think we’ll spend the money for Rock Band for the Wii before we leave on the trip. It’s just too much money and we’re spread too thin. I might see if I can’t spend for Guitar Hero though as that’s a bit less expensive. Of course I could always get Guitar Hero for the PS2 since I have one of those and that should be _really_ cheap.

Need to mind my monetary P’s and Q’s for this trip. We’ve have the cash for the trip but in my opinion it’s a bit on the low side and I’d love to come back with money left over. We’ll see how that goes.

One thing I’m not going to do is change cellphone services before the trip. I often get signal with my Nextel in places where nobody else gets signal and where I get signal I get internet. Slow internet but internet nonetheless.

There’s just so much to get done before we leave and work is hounding me to get a bunch of stuff done as well before I go. Thankfully I’ve found solutions to some problems that cropped up with a particular project and can likely get that done before I leave.

I so want to find a way to take the bike to Montana. I’d just love riding some of the mountain roads where we’re going. My loving wife actually suggested renting a motorcycle while I’m out there but that’s an awful lot of money spent. We’ll have to see how it goes on the financial front.

One thing I will be able to do on this trip is post more often. I won’t have to worry about not having my computer available to me. I do need to get another external hard drive before we leave though as there’s only 9 gig of free space left on my laptop and that’s just not enough these days. I intend to take a lot of photos and even video if possible. That reminds me that I want to take the tripod with us so that I can take stable timed pictures. Need to stock up on batteries as well. I’m not sure I can afford a couple of sets of rechargeables or not but those would be ideal.’s 11:30 at night again... *sigh* I either need to get my old stamina back or learn to fall asleep one or the other.
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