nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

What a long strange trip it's been...

July 16, 2009 9:16 PM 7/16/09

So we are finally at the resort location in Montana above Flathead Lake.

Wait...let me is too much let me sum up.

We’re on vacation and we’re driving from our house in IL to Polson, MT for a family reunion and wedding. We’re in two houses on bluffs above Flathead Lake.

The awesome. We’re in a house on a bluff poking out a bit into a bay.

The drive...not so much.

My daughter didn’t do too badly but she has had some meltdowns due to the environment change. Now that we’re at the resort house though she’s started to settle down a bit.

Driving a couple thousand miles across the country then through the mountains in a 4-cylinder minivan was as annoying as expected. MY wife though is fantastic! She drove the majority of this entire trip and is still sane.

I’ve got tons of pictures to upload and will upload them to a flikr account over the next few days. They were all taken with a Canon Powershot A560. Some of them I’m going to have to edit a bit because they were taken at speed on the highway.

Haven’t gotten to the first thing I wanted to do on this trip and work on my math. I’m planning on doing that during the next week as that will be the true vacation time and thus some of the clan will be out and about and the vacation house will be a bit quieter. I’ve actually got...time.

And believe me that feels very very weird.

I will admit at this time to checking my work e-mail as I stated that I would do to my superiors. That however is now a minor aside and the vacation is in full force.

I noticed that the bathtub in our chosen bedroom has a full window out onto the bay. At the risk of losing manliness points I fully intend to take a wonderful soaking bath under the Montana night sky.

Still kicking myself for not buying a large (6“+) reflector telescope before taking the trip out here. Other things I’m kicking myself for - not buying a real digital camera like a Nikon D series. Also not switching to ATT or another cellphone service as we have had really no Sprint service since entering Montana.

I...have finished posting for today. And going to go drink some Moose Drool Brown Ale.


Please note - I’ve waiting almost 20 years of working in the I/T profession to take a trip like this. That was far too long.

I am sorry for those out there and on my f-list who can’t take a vacation away but I can’t be too apologetic or I’m not taking the vacation I need. And until we started this vacation I didn’t realize just how much I needed it.
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