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The Curious Case of Tinfoil Mutton...

August 8, 2009 10:37 PM 8/8/09

So I’ve managed to rise from the depths of my funk a little. Not 100% but a little better.

I really need to invent a de-funkifier someday. ;-)

A quick note to all the people having trouble getting onto LJ - they are likely still cleaning up after the DDoS attack. As someone who’s dealt with the shitstorm of those in the I/T field I can tell you that there’s probably quite a few things that went down and are just now coming back up. So while I’m no fan of some of the moves LJ has taken in the past please be patient and try a little later to get into your account.

On with the shew...

In my funk I needed something mindless so I picked up a copy of the live action Speed Racer. I tried really hard not to like the movie but it’s just so damn over the top that I could just turn off and watch the eye candy. Small favorite part - when Pops throws the bad guy out the window. Trixie asks “Was that a ninja?” Pops: “More like a nonja! It’s amazing what passes for a ninja these days.”

Regardless I couldn’t turn my mind off _completely_ while watching it because that universe would have to have some extremely interesting physics and human biology for those cars to do what they did. Almost a symbiotic relationship between technology and humans.

Speaking of Speed Racer I managed to find just the right school backpack for my nephew. He wanted a Speed Racer backpack but they were sold out of them locally so I managed to find one just the right size online for not too much money. (He’s 5 so a full sized one would be too large.)

The house is a disaster and it’s too damn hot and muggy. Right now I’ve got all the fans going in the house and both of the dinky A/C units running full blast. I think we need a good dehumidifier but I’m not spending for one right now. Funds are a bit shaky since we got back from the noncation. I’m not even buying the replacement tire I need for the one car yet. (Of course it doesn’t help that we re-stocked the larder completely this weekend. That wasn’t cheap.) Anyways we should be back on top of it all by the end of this month.

My wife and I’s 15th wedding anniversary is coming up this month and I’ve almost decided what to get her. Not sure we’ll be able to go anywhere special but I think I can come up with a good gift. And I may have another trick up my sleeve as well... ;-)

In other news I pulled the radio out of the truck and found that my uber-old Kawasaki cassette stereo has blown the FM receiver circuits. The input works fine but all I get is static on the radio portion. I’ll check the AM side of things on Monday and if that works it’s definitely the FM receiver circuit. If I get no AM then it might just be a bad antenna. Either way this is spurring me to look at stereos for the 024 so I can take that stereo and put it in the truck because I listen to a lot of a local talk radio and mp3s. And with a 45 minute drive to work minimum I just need my music. I don’t want to spend the money really so I may see if I can repair my old radio or if my friends can come up with a stereo or something.

Found out that if we run the air purifier in the bedroom all the time I sleep much better. I might try sleeping at a 30 degree angle like a couple of my friends do just to see if it helps me sleep better. I know that my nose isn’t plugging up any more in there and that’s a good thing.

I think I’m going to go try and go to sleep now...
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