nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

My response to the recent Microsoft Phishing filter updates...

With apologies to Pink Floyd...

(Also posted on the Register article here:


So ya

Thought ya

Might like to

Go to the site.

To feel that warm thrill of animation,

That flash filled delight.

I've got some bad news for you sunshine,

This site isn't well, it's a virus laden hell

And I refuse to allow you a pass to animeland

We need to find out where these sites really stand!

Are there any Brits in the browser bar tonight?

Block them in the firewall!

There's one about Spotlight, it doesn't look right to me,

Block it in the firewall!

That one's Druidish!

And that one slams Zune!

Who let all of this riff-raff into the room?

There's one hacking PowerPoint,

And another XBox!

If I had my way,

I'd have all of you blocked!

*grabs coat before he's thrown out*
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