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The tale of the missing marshmallows!

September 17, 2009 1:50 PM 9/17/09

So before my wife and I went on vacation I ordered some handmade marshmallows from Polidori Chocolates (referred to them by catvalente) and they didn’t ever arrive and weren’t waiting there when we got home form vacation.

I thought either Pollidori went out of business due to rough times or that they were lost on the mail. I moaned and lamented my lost dark chocolate and vanilla bean marshmallows and moved on. (I wish I could move on from other things as easily but I digress).

So after also missing a box of something else sent from a friend in MD I talked with the mail carrier and she said that even though they said delivered on the computer they should have never reached the house since we put our mail on hold. Mind you this was supposedly around July 17th of this year.

So rolling the dice for a long shot I went over the the post office today and explained the situation.

Turns out they had both boxes I was looking for. I collected the boxes and headed home expecting the marshmallows not to have survived the experience.

So driving home and stopping at a stoplight I cut open the box and to my surprise not one item was melted!

So there you have it. By luck and the fact that they were in a temperate post office building the handmade vanilla bean and dark chocolate marshmallows survived.

And even after two months in that post office (to the day) they still are soft and fresh and taste wonderful. :-)

The other box? Babylon 5 laserdiscs from a good friend of mine.

Sometimes it’s the little things that rock my world.

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Sep. 21st, 2009 04:53 pm (UTC)
Re: what happened to thread about people pressuring you into going back into tech?
It was reminded to me that I probably shouldn't have stuff out there that gives any indication that I had issues with my former employer just in case a future employer reads that. So I locked the whole post and made it disappear.



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