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October 2, 2009 12:56 PM 10/2/09

So I’ve been annoyingly ill for the last few days. Pretty much the entire week actually.

Yep - the flu. And my wife has pretty much gone through it as well. We should be all cleared up by this weekend thankfully and I no longer feel like I’m a character in a plague disaster film.

Needless to say a bunch of stuff around the house has now backed up a bit and we’re behind schedule on almost everything. I started mobilizing on stuff today (like getting a new battery for the truck) and have had to rest a bit now because I’m not quite up to snuff yet.

Still a ton of things to do though.

In happier news we will be debt free except for the house as soon as a check I mailed yesterday clears the bank. That is a major thing for us because I’m out of work right now. The 401k had more than enough money to do that and despite the fact that it would have been good to roll it over into another investment we felt reducing our debt was the better choice.

And as of this morning I now have three potential side jobs for different results lined up. Our neighbor’s PC is infected so I need to clean it up, a good friend and former coworker has a couple of PCs he’s willing to pay me to look at, and a friend of my sister has two similar situations and has offered to pay for my services.

I really have to decide on a pricing structure. Or at least a flat fee that isn’t too high that at least makes it profitable for me to do this stuff.

On the time front I’ve found that I have had time while sick to start learning guitar again. I’ve also found my fingers don’t stretch far enough yet. ;-) (I also found a good guitar deal on E-Bay for a floor-model 2009 Fender Starcaster for $85. This is important because I’m afraid to touch the 1954 Gibson ES-295 I own for fear of breaking it and the cheap guitar I built using a kit isn’t quite right. Thankfully I had enough leftover from my 401k payout to buy her.)

We’re doing okay. We’ve got two mortgage payments sitting in the bank waiting to be mailed out as needed. (My wife has convinced me that it would be bad to just mail them the mortgage payments as soon as they come in. Something about tacking it onto the end of the mortgage instead of properly applying it.) And we have spare cash in the bank, and I’m getting unemployment.

Speaking of which I’m searching online for jobs (because I/T people really can’t beat down doors to get jobs - it just isn’t done that way) but there doesn’t seem to be anything that fits a 20 year I/T vet with no papers. *grump*

I’m filling out the WIA training/retraining paperwork to see if I can get money to either change fields or get my certifications in something like CCNA or something similar that has a possibility of telecommuting. I have a IDES job “reemployment” meeting on the 14th that aught to be able to answer my training questions thankfully.

Dropped by a friends office the other day to give him something I’d found while cleaning. He’d dabbled with the idea of writing SciFi years ago and started a story (only a couple of pages) using a manual typewriter. I kept the pages in a folder and found them years later. It was such a joy to see his face light up and laugh at seeing those pages again. That’s something that’s just priceless. I love being able to do those things.

(Edited to correct the age of my Gibson.)
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