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Once more 'round the twist...

October 15, 2009 2:43 PM 10/15/09

So once again, more than a decade later, I’m parked in the forest preserve parking lot looking at the oak trees and the large pond. It’s even raining as it often did while I was here in the past.

I started writing here really - in this spot. (Oh I wrote a few things before while I was on jury duty but that wasn’t much even if it technically was the start of it all.)

I used to write by hand in a Cavallini leather journal with a fine nib fountain pen. And a bit of me misses that. I fully intend to get back to it but it takes chunks of time that I haven’t had until recently. I wonder if I can fit a writing space into the workshop...hmm...

Things are going better but I don’t want to talk about the main one because I might jinx it.

The roomba is not quite working yet. It failed to charge the first time so I did a charging reset on it and it’s in day 2 of the 3 day suggested charge cycle. Hopefully this all won’t be a bust but even if it is the only thing I’ll have to get is another bare-bones unit that is known-good and I’ll be up and running.

The jets for the motorcycle are on the way so this winter I’ll be able to properly tune my bike so that it runs without having to leave the choke on. Need to find seat material so I can re-do the seat on it. (My mother offered to sew up a new one for me but I really kind of want to do it all myself so it’s all me if you know what I mean.)

Speaking of my mother I sent her home with a wireless web camera for security purposes. Hope fully it installed okay and is mailing her video every time it detects motion. She’s on a home network so I don’t have access to mess with her stuff. I may have her run GoToMyPC or something similar to see if I can take a quick look at everything remotely. (Please don’t install that yet mom. ;-) I’ll let you know when.)

A pox on AT&T for restricting the iPhone tethering. Right now I’m typing in Macjournal with no hope of remotely posting unless I find a local wireless network to post from. Supposedly they’re going to not restrict that eventually but I’m not going to hold my breath. Hmm...I wonder if you could write an iPhone app to talk to one of the USB remote broadband dongles. I’m sure that’s possible but would Apple or The Death Star allow it? Things that make you go hmm...

Well at least I’m giving my Macbook battery a workout. I don’t want to have to buy another one yet so I’m glad it shows no signs of failing. *knocks on simulated wood grain dash* They’re only about $60 but that’s $60 I don’t need to spend yet.

Still coughing a bit as is my wife. The remnants of the plague seem to be slow to leave. I’m more upbeat lately so hopefully that will help the situation.

BRB...Freya,Shakti just came up on the iPhone playlist...

*sings along with the song*

I love that song. Emerald Rose just rocks. :-)

Fall is definitely upon us. The leaves are turning and the cold winter winds are beginning to blow in the high branches. Not on the ground yet but soon. I hope this halloween is a spooky and blustery one. We really need a real All Hallows Eve in this country. We have far too many honored dead for the wrong reasons and they need an outlet. As do the spirits in life that most deny on a daily basis. I hope the spirits and ghosts pull out all the stops on this coming eve of the new cycle. We need a little fright...and a little our lives of late.

We’ve become entirely too small. I hope a good touch of magick will help people grow to the beings that we once were because it’s sad how tiny inside we’ve become.

Got all the parts I need right now except a couple of gaskets to do repairs on the truck. Of course this requires cleaning out the one side of the garage...which requires putting the boxes there up in the garage attic...which requires putting up the beam and post to support the rafters.

Yeah. I’m way behind on that project. Hopefully I can get that done this weekend.

My daughter just had her eye exam yesterday and she needs glasses for her right eye. No surprise to me. It’s only a little myopia she seems to have inherited from her parents but the school told us that she supposedly was almost blind in her right eye. Not even close according to the eye doctor. Fortunately my wife and I found a good place online to buy glasses (I got mine there) that doesn’t cost too much. We’re probably going to spend $160 for two pairs just in case she loses or breaks one. I don’t want cheap plastic frames as they never seem to last. Even better the frames match the ones my wife and I have so we’ll be a family of matching glasses. ;-) I need to order a pair of lenses for my chipper goggles anyway. (The place rocks - you send them your frames and they make lenses for them. I’m getting lenses that fit my round chipper goggles my gold Girl Genius spark goggles. *ahem*)

It’s stopped raining for the moment.

It’s amazing...I can bang out 1000 words about stuff that’s happening in my life but I can’t seem to move forward on anything I’ve got written as a fiction story. I’m stalled before even starting on the next chapter of The Unlicensed (CH2) and while I have a few vague things floating around my head nothing is pushing it’s way forward. The old man is still asleep in the back of the taxi. *grump*

I’ve heard that writing is a full time pursuit but I’m obviously not putting my full time and effort into it. I wonder if I’m just weird enough to have to schedule days for all my different things I want to do. Do something like Tuesdays are writing days, Wednesdays are programming days, Thursdays are VMS days, etc. I tried that once a long time ago and it didn’t work out but maybe it will this time since I seem just a little more mature than the last time I tried it. ;-) Regardless I need something to help me get that all organized. I’m just not sure what tool would help that. The Macbook, the iPhone, and iCal can probably be bent to that usage but would I pay any attention when it’s writing day and I just want to learn guitar? *sigh*

40 years and I still haven’t picked a firm direction.

Wishy Washy
Wishy Washy
Make the coffee
Drink the coffee

Who cleans the cups?
Who buys the stuff?
Who brews the beans?
Who drinks it up?


One thing is certain...nothing can happen until you swing the bat.
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