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My pet roomba...

October 16, 2009 10:04 PM 10/16/09

So I got the roomba vacuuming today and as expected it’s awesome. :-)

The little dude ran for a good twenty minutes then stopped and beeped and blinked red meaning the battery is discharged. Plugged it in and it charged right back up again a few hours later. Ran him for a little bit to make sure it could be scheduled and then docked and it blinked red again and beeped a code worthy of R2D2 before refusing to move.

So I manually docked it and it charged back up again. Tried it again and it moved but acted odd. So I checked it and the poor thing was clogged with dirt and hair and other unmentionables. I cleaned it out and it works just fine again. (Surprise surprise! ;-) Well...maybe not.)

So now the little thing is ready to start vacuuming tomorrow at 11 am while we’re out of the house getting groceries. I’ll have to make sure certain things are off the floor before we leave the bedroom doors are closed. (My daughter’s room would kill it.)

The best thing about this is that this was one of the final purchases of the last of the 401k/severance money and it cost me a total (for everything) of about $80. Used roomba, drive-on dock, new battery, and scheduling remote. Never let it be said that you still can’t find a deal on E-Bay. Mind you a new old stock one or a refurbished one is about $139 so that’s not too expensive for something that vacuums while you’re gone at work. It of course varies on your income.

Interestingly the thing is not as loud as I thought it would be. It’s about the noise of a sweeper. Not something you would want on with the TV but certainly something you could have running while doing things around the house. Which I suspect is the point. When it’s finally organized I want one for the workshop too.

(As a side note the unemployment people suggest not paying off any debt with your severance. I’m not in agreement with that especially if your severance will pay off more than 50% of your debt. With less debt you have less overhead in your expenses and can thus work for less money. Which is an attractive position for the employer and a good way to sweeten the deal. For you it’s one less thing to worry about paying out every month. Again to depends on what kind of buffer you happen to have.)

In a fit of spending today I bought a $7.99 figure drawing gift box that included one of the wooden posable manikins. I’ve wanted one of these for a while because I am having issues drawing people. It’s a shame one of those doesn’t exist for faces as that would help me considerably more. My artistic urges are on the rise. ;-)

Now if I could just wrap them all up together and bond them to produce everything I want to do. Hmm....

On a more somber note I’ve missed my yearly visit to my cousin’s grave. I’ve gone every year now before the 13th of October because in my mind she’s still alive in the cycle of the year. Tough to think about I know but she’s still on my mind. And I don’t like not keeping in touch so to speak. I can make the appointment again next year I just hate missed opportunities.

Speaking of being behind I’m going to have to get hustling on the house projects. Specifically I need to get the garage all taken care of so I can not only get the boxes out of the way but get the truck in there and get all the things done on it. That particular set of repairs is as long overdue as a real third political party in the US government. Yeah. Way overdue.


Okay...I’m gone to bed now...

Closing idea...a long and narrow horizontal ridge-mount wind turbine using outrunner style magnet generators (the magnets move in the outside housing not the coils). It may only work in tow wind directions really but if you study the way winds act when they hit a roof it’s quite obvious that there’s enough power there to be harvested to be significant.

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