nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Banpei to the rescue...

October 24, 2009 9:12 AM 10/24/09

Our carpet has never been cleaner since I got the roomba. I’ve decided to name it Banpei since it seems to like attacking people randomly when we’re at home and it’s running. My wife in particular. ;-)

It’s been drizzling the last couple of days here which is quite depressing. I really miss the sunshine but I know this is a necessary part of the season. Still haven’t ordered the next rain barrel yet. I’d really like to get two more total in place before winter hits but between money being tight and snow on the horizon that likely won’t happen.

Started Chapter 3 of The Unlicensed and it seems to be going okay but I have a re-write to do already. (I need to change one of the background characters because they just don’t fit right a.) I want to do that before I post it.

Still haven’t gotten the beam installed in the garage and time is running out. I need to get that installed and get the truck in there before the snow falls or it’s going to be considerably messier to do the truck repairs. (Tried to install it last night by myself and dropped it on my head twice.)

I really could use a team of people to help me whip this all into shape but one I don’t think I rate it and two almost _everybody_ can use that sort of team to get things straitened out.

Thinking about that it occurs to me that you could do that on a large NPO scale and maybe get away with it. Kind of like an NPO version of Clean House. (Though I think that’s funded by the show so the people being helped probably don’t have to pay for it except by the yard sales they have on there.)

1) Collect a small group of dedicated people that go to other peoples’ homes and help them get their stuff cleaned and organized. And I’m not talking about just those people who are consumed by clutter and bad living conditions I’m talking about everybody.

2) The person being helped agrees to put in however many ours helping someone else as it takes to get their stuff into shape. If the person breaks this agreement then they get charged for services. (Please note - even an elderly person can help sort papers or shred bills or such. There’s always ways that someone can help out unless they are truly too old or feeble.) Not a horrendous amount mind you but just enough to deter people from abusing the system.

3) This is a cleaning/organizing service not a repair service. People involved may not have the proper skills or certifications to safely or legally repair things.

4) If the person is living in squalor do what you can to clean up the mess but point them in the direction they need to go to get help. All this is about is cleaning and organizing. They still have to donate time though.

5) It’s a one time service with the exception of if you actively donate time to it. So if you want the group to help again you need to donate time.

Definitely not a perfect idea but it could be worked out. Anyway it’s just more of my random ramblings.
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