April 15th, 2010


Bankrupt Plague Pants

April 15, 2010 11:05 AM 4/15/10

So once again I have the Spring Plague consisting of clogging, breathing issues, aches, pains, and an overwhelming sense of “Oh Goddess just let me die!” feeling like crap.

My wife says it’s just allergies but allergies don’t have a gestation period. Bah!

I don’t normally get sick. That’s what I’m annoyed by really. But when I get sick I get _SICK_ and I’m down for a while. And this is one of those times. I feel seriously useless.

To add insult to injury I have to go see the eye doctor because I have a noticeable blurry spot in my right eye. I did have an injury in that eye early last year but it healed nicely and showed no sign of coming back.

It’s likely nothing but since cataracts do run in one side of my family to a certain degree I’m definitely going to have it checked out.

Richard the mop has started to settle in with the family quite well. He’s got a little bit of small dog syndrome but that will go away with work. He also hasn’t really adjusted to his name. I suspect he was (obviously) named something else before he was rescued by the shelter. Not for the first time I wish my telepathy was stronger. ;-)

I“ve finally started moving on the workshop again. I got out there and set up the Macbook and tried to get to writing but other things got in the way. (So close and yet so far.) I didn’t finish my custom sonic screwdriver in time to enter in the contest but I’ll still finish it. The big thing is that I’ve started moving forward again. (Not counting this round of The Plague.)

I hate being stuck in the mud.

The seedlings except for the parsley are all doing well. It’s warm enough for me to get the broccoli out there but I need someplace for them to go before i can do that.

My wife was kind enough to agree to allow me to take over the entire side yard with garden beds. (I hate mowing that sloping section anyway.) The problem now is lumber then dirt. Fortunately pallets are often not treated and can easily be used for such purposes. I”ll have to hit up Freecycle extremely soon. Oh and I have to get shepherd’s crooks for the three upside-down buckets I’m going to use for trying to grow melons.

Still nothing on the job front. There are tons of jobs but none for those that don’t have certifications. I went to the job club seminar held locally - this one on the mature worker. Turns out that according to the gooberment I’m considered a mature worker. Go figure. The seminar had a lot of good information and out of the large group that was there about 25% that were the same age range as me. (40 - 49) That made me feel a little less out of place while they talked about things like AARP and such.

One of my pre-ordered trinkets came in. ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/49991043@N00/sets/72157623842539592/ ) I extremely lucked out and got my Matt Smith sonic screwdriver toy right away. It’s pretty cool but definitely considerably larger than previous sonic screwdrivers. And...the emitter....it’s....green. Green. Maybe after the 17th it’ll grow on me.

Well I’m going to cut it here partly because the dog needs to be walked and partly because I really need to deal with Oranaan. Can’t leave him in the darkness any more. It isn’t fair to him or to me.