June 18th, 2010


Bankrupt pants and a rejection...

June 18, 2010 5:41 AM 6/18/10

So I’ve been up to my ears trying to stabilize my life and thus the immense vastness of my non-posting and indeed non-writing. (Yes Oranaan I’m looking at you...)

But in the midst of all this something happened - I got my first formal rejection notice:

Dear Mike,

Thank you very much for letting us see “Ping....” We appreciate your taking the time to send it in for our consideration. Although it does not suit the needs of the magazine at this time, we wish you luck with placing it elsewhere.

Please excuse this form letter. The volume of work has unfortunately made it impossible for us to respond to each submission individually, much as we’d like to do so.


Sheila Williams, Editor
Asimov’s Science Fiction


Now I’m not letting this get me down in fact it’s a real motivator for me. I went so far a to print a copy of this out, write “Honestly earned. I can do better!” on it, sign that, and frame it and hang it on the wall in the house. (I also have a similar copy in my wallet.)

Yes, I need weird motivations at times.

But the fact that I’ve now submitted something and been rejected opens the way for me to submit more stuff because the worst has already happened. Oh yes I could get a scathing rejection letter from someone that tells me in not so many words how horrible I am but what does that mean? What does that give me?

It gives me a complete list of things that I can _improve_ upon for that particular story.

In other news the vitamins seem to be doing their job as I am finally motivating to get stuff done again. I weed-wacked the garden space a couple days ago and I think I’m going to borrow a tiller here soon. At the very least I can grow beans the rest of the remaining season and have it ready for next year.

I also started cleaning things up around the house and temporarily fixed the attic fan so I don’t have to immediately spend money in that direction. And I sold a couple of things on E-Bay. (Learning that particular “dance” is painful because I forgot how badly you can get hosed by fees and shipping.)

Among other things that has happened as well is that I had a meeting with a local placement firm and filled out all their paperwork minus the direct deposit stuff. They gave me a network admin skills assessment as well as a Linux skills assessment. I did average on the network admin one because it was Windows server based and I’ve been away from a Windows network for far too long. But I did above average on the Linux one and they told me that they always have jobs for Linux capable people. (I just need to get some Fedora Linux experience under my belt. Loading up a server at home soon for just that purpose.) So that’s a good thing. :-)

I’ve got all of the plants that were left in the trays inside put outside in pots. They may or may not survive. (I’m definitely not going to try growing tomatoes from seed next year. Too much heartache.) I have both melon plants installed in the bottom of buckets in “upside down” mode with tomato seedlings on the top half. I also bought a $5 cherry tomato plant that is in the final hanging bucket and seems to be doing well. (It had a half-dozen blossoms on it as of yesterday.) And finally the broccoli in the old slop sink is booming! :-)

Today is the day I tackle moving the rest of the firewood from the one spot in the yard so I can get my friend’s 14’ fiberglass tri-hull boat. ( Similar to this one but without the rails: http://www.vestalfire.com/images/b1.JPG ) Not wild about the color which is mint green but it’s better than my existing jonboat and has a proper trailer and everything. So I got that ‘goin for me. ;-)

I’m happy that things are moving again. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to find more things to sell on E-Bay...