July 13th, 2010


Anybody have some anti-middle-earth-dwarf spray?

Today has been a day of...*ow!*...

I woke up, ate some food, then took my vitamins. A short time later I had the headache to end all headaches like tiny little men with hammers banging on the inside of my skull.

So I tried getting some sleep and since my wife came home early I was able to do that. It didn't help at all because I still had the headache when I woke back up after a three hour nap.

At that point I just took a bunch of Advil and microwaved some of the leftover coffee from this morning. I dozed in the recliner for another hour and when I woke up my head was fine. This is great and wonderful except that now I'm wide awake.

Fortunately I have things I can dig into like re-learning my programming skills. I actually am working on a simple terminal based game similar to one I constructed while in my high school PDP-11 days. It's coming along well and I've learned what I need to construct the game itself but I want to learn more like network programming and memory management. But it's moving.

Recently updated all the edits to my Torn World submission. We'll see if that is going to go live any time soon or not. I hope it meets canon requirements.

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