August 7th, 2010


Not looking at my feet...

I recently made the comment to someone that we all tend to look at our feet at times which only allows us to see things that are down so to speak.

And after saying that (it was late at night) I went outside. And looked up at the stars.

And I suddenly realized that I have not been taking my own advice.

So I stood there in my bare feet in the grass and looked up at the stars and said:

"Goddess, I've been remiss. I've been looking at my feet all this time and taking no part in what I need to get done here. This house and land are mine and this family is mine. They are both in my care and I have not been as responsible for them as I could. I'm sorry. That changes now."

So I went inside and made a list of things to get done (a short list for the moment) and the next day or two I managed to get almost all that list done. (0)

I'm hoping to keep looking up from here on. It's not easy - the ground calls to me and it's really really easy and comfortable to look down - but I'll keep trying.

For now though it's simple things. Dishes, groceries, laundry, weeds, maintenance, etc. And of course my writing and other creative stuff. Prepping the garden for next year. Stuff like that.

Off to clean...

(0) One cunning and devious plan I got done yesterday with my dad's help was to re-wire the thermostat in the crawl space so that we can run the furnace fan without the heat.

Then we installed the larger (12.4k BTU) A/C unit into the living room window. The living room has the cold air return in it so now we're circulating cool air all around the house and the house is holding at a fairly nice 74 degrees Fahrenheit and the A/C units actually shut off from time to time instead of run constantly.

The added bonus of all this is that the A/C unit that came out (a 9k BTU) is going out to the garage for me to cool that space so I can work in it. That hopefully will help motivate me to spend time out there and get stuff taken care of. (I have BIG reasons for doing so that I will publicly post later provided it all comes together.)