August 16th, 2010


You are now registered for training!

August 17, 2010 2:18 PM 8/17/10

I am now registered for a combined CCNA/CCNA+Security class.

For the first part of the class I’ll be taking the train down to downtown Chicago every Saturday to do 9 - 5 training. Then after I pass the initial CCNA test there is a break between the classes and I will be driving to Lombard for the CCNA+Security class.

This all rocks so much for me because after 20 years of I/T experience I finally am getting at least some of the certifications I should have gotten years ago but foolishly didn’t because I felt it was more important to keep everything running and never be unavailable.

So today I went downtown via the train and formally registered for the classes and saw the Chicago training center. It’s got smaller classrooms which is good because that usually makes the learning experience a little more personal among other things. There’s room on the desks for my laptop to take notes with. (I feel kind of funky transferring a flash drive from a foreign network to my home systems.)

There is also a small breakroom with free coffee and munchies in it.

I checked into it and it’s going to cost me $7 per weekend to take the train down there and since it’s on the weekend I won’t have as big a crowd. It’s a 15 minute walk from the station to the training facility so I’m even getting exercise which is something I sorely need.

On top of that I have home access to the CBTs for the class so I can view the training videos and such at home as well as take as many practice tests as I want.

This all rocks so much.

*lets out a totally unmanly squeeeing noise*

<_< >_>

Umm...ignore that last part. ;-)
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