August 25th, 2010



Ever have one of those bizarre dreams that you just can't quite remember but sometimes do?

I was just awakened after spending several hours with a couple of companions (all dressed in contemporary clothes as opposed to the rest of the people there) chasing an evil shape-changing prince in an alternate dimension so we could get him back into the custody of the royal family there.

After quite a bit we managed to catch him for the third time and returned him to the king. He was then stripped of his powers temporarily which made him appear as a red skinned person with white horns all about his body (I guessed demon but the king said the entire kingdom looks that way when no tourists are around) and then shrunk and stored in a fish tank in the king's chambers.

I was mentioning to the king's chancellor afterwords that I can never seem to get the hang of accumulating wealth while we were headed off to pick out my reward of a good sword from his personal collection.

That was when my wife called and woke me up.

I'm not irritated she woke me up but I didn't get my sword. :-(

Oh was a vivid enough dream I'll probably revisit the place again sometime.