October 2nd, 2010


I'm melllting!

Well okay I'm losing weight anyway. I'm down to 233 pounds and some change as of this morning which means I"m only about 13 pounds away from my drivers license being accurate.

I haven't been exercising really but I have been managing to control my appetite for the most part. (If I skip a meal I tend to get ravenous! I ate a whole 16" pepperoni pizza one night because I didn't have anything else that day.) Regardless of failures I'm actually slowly losing weight.

And this is not to say I can't gain it back either. I can easily put it back on if I'm not careful. That's how I know it's not something like diabetes or something else. I really am cutting down on sugar though too. (Not counting the seasonal Flash Cakes that I found in the store yesterday. Mmmm...Flash Cakes.)

In other gnus a headhunter called me yesterday for a help desk job that pays $17/hour and is only 45 minutes away at a metal manufacturer (Bohler) and I wrote up an elevator pitch and told her I'd take it if they offered. It's an 8 - 5 job so likely with the 45 minute drive it means leaving at 6 a.m. and getting home around 7 p.m. but I can live with that. It also means I'll likely be picking my daughter up at grandma and grandpa's again which I"m not thrilled with but I can also live with that as well.

Since I don't have class today I'm going to go out with my wife and do grocery shopping and get some cleaning done around the house. I particularly want to get the one A/C unit out of the library window because that means I can put the table back there with the cherry tomato plant on it and it should produce cherry tomatoes throughout the winter. A nice bonus. Hmm...I wonder what else I can grow through the winter...

I have to go around and seal all the windows with the heat-shrink stuff. If I had the money I'd really consider tearing into these walls and re-insulating. Of course I'd fix all the electrical issues at the same time as well. Hmm...added incentive...

Hmmm......HMMMM..... ;-)

So I started wearing my binary watch again and it seems that I'm now immune to having to check it all the time as I did in the past. This is a good thing as I've found (as many have) that my iPhone battery life is not that great if you actually _use_ the phone. *ahem* Regardless we're halfway through our contract so once that's up hopefully a new Android phone that we can use on another service. By that time too they might be including batteries with the Android phones that actually have a decent run time. *ahem* ;-)

So...off to the races...