October 18th, 2010


Better move your gardens inside people...

The FDA wants control of "small producers" - Senate Bill 510:




Yet another power grab by the FDA to control everything. And if you don't think this will mean things like insane fees or penalties on small farmers or even personal gardens then you need to look over the history of the FDA.

And forget about the producers of raw milk. Those will be hammered by this

Great Leafy Greenman's Balls!!!

We can let a bunch of frakking bloated and greedy suits RUIN our economy but Goddess forbid we grow our own food or have locally produced food!

The only thing, besides others standing up and saying something, is that the First Lady is very very big on sustainable living including locally grown food.

I hope this bill dies a horrible death in committee and never rises again. *spit!*

Fire up your communication devices to your congresscritters people!