October 24th, 2010


All over but the testing...

So I finished my last class of the initial CCNA course. Now it's time to study study study and pass two practice exams at 90% in "certification mode" to get a voucher for the actual CCNA exam.

Also it turns out that only one other person in the class took a practice exam before our last class and it was the girl working on her Masters in I/T. She fared only a little better than myself on it the first time as well. (I got a 50% which is about what I expected.)

So now it's study study study so I can pass all the tests and get my CCNA cert. Hopefully all the frameworks in my head will come together and get filled with data in the next week or so. Internally it takes me a long time to build a framework but once it's built the mind quickly populates it with data/information and eventually (often very quickly) it shifts to an internal background status and becomes second nature for me.

But as a visual learner I'm going to be drawing an awful lot of whiteboard sketches... ;-)

On other fronts I haven't written a word in the fiction arena. Not one word. But between being concerned about money and getting certified I'm not the least surprised about that.

Trying once again to get a handle on the workshop space. I've got a lot of organizing to do and hopefully I can get a friend to help me do it. The biggest thing is to get a lot of the loose paper discarded/recycled and get all my fiction that I can't shelve yet up into the attic in either the house or workshop (garage) until I have a place to put them up for display/reading.

Once all the books are out of the way I can move the system parts and equipment into the workshop attic spaces and seal that space off from the downstairs space using insulation and vapor barrier. Then maybe my gas bill won't be so bad.

(Note: I hate calling it a garage. It's my workshop. Yes I work on vehicles in there every so often but for the most part that's not the case.)

I also still need to get the wood moved out from next to the shed to somewhere else. I've briefly thought about putting it on the shelves in the shed and may still do that but that effectively puts bugs in my shed which I'm not too fond of.

Money is still tight and will likely remain so for some time. I really could use some new tires on my truck but at $120/each that's likely not to happen for a while. I need to figure out what's causing it to have trouble starting when it's cold anyway.

I also need to figure out the damn idle issue on the 024 (Omni) hatchback. I can drive it but I'm still two-footing it everywhere which uses an incredible amount of gas. In-between studying I'm going to be focusing on that because I need that vehicle or the truck ready for the drive to Lombard for the CCNA+Security class in a couple weeks.

So it's late and that's probably enough rambling for now. I'm not going to bother putting a cut tag on it because frankly I'm tired and a lot of people on my f-list seem to not bother doing the same so I'm going to follow suit for right now.