November 18th, 2010


Wondrous Waffling...

So in an effort to get back on track here I'm going to start writing again. This time I will write every time I take my one meal out per pay period. That gives me an excuse to write because I'm out and not able to study.

I'll probably clean up my old clamshell iBook and use that because it's rugged and has a nice keyboard even if the screen only does 800x600. Today though I've got my wife's Asus 701 EEE PC because I wanted to test how long the battery really lasts on it under real-world use. I saved and bought it for her for a late anniversary/birthday gift so she had a separate machine for the 501c she's on the board of. I don't think she like it though. Likely it's the fact that it runs Ubuntu Linux and the keyboard is too small.

That said I'm not impressed by Ubuntu Netbook Remix. In particular it seems like it's hard to add applications to the side dock among other issues. That and it has the same idiocy that I experience with all Linux distros in that they have NO way to properly format ALL applications for small screens. I couldn't click an apply button when setting this system up because it was below the bottom of the screen with no way to resize or move the window. Developer fail. But they've been failing on that one for years.

Still haven't passed the CCNA test yet. I'm getting horrible scores on the practice exam but in truth each failed question per test seems to be just something _else_ I didn't learn from the pool of 600+ questions. So what that means is I need to read/memorize a ton more. So after I get groceries and gas today I'm going to hide out in the workshop on the couch and just read as much of the dry CCNA book as I can get through. I have the whiteboard out there so I should be able to draw anything I don't understand.

As for the workshop itself a very very good friend helped me clean it up. I'll post pictures and a link to my flikr group when I get a chance. It's not done by any means but it's definitely more conducive to studying. Needs Styrofoam insulation in the ceiling still to close off the attic area and save my heat bill. But that's another thing I can buy one at a time and as long as I keep moving on it it'll be fine.

I miss writing. This CCNA thing along with the job search and the house/vehicle/bills/etc. has taken it's toll on me.My creative impulses have been shuffled off to Binkly's Closet where they remain safe until they wish to bug me. But darnit I really really want them out where I can see them and interact with them.

For instance not only have I left Oranaan in a sitch but I've left George and Blaze offworld in the middle of a conversation! And other than a few idea sketches I've not drawn much of anything lately.

*sigh* More whining about my life. Sorry folks. I'll try and be more positive.

Had to cut back on the vitamins a bit because I made the error of taking them all at once...out of sync with a meal. You can guess what happened next due to stomach upset. :-(

Just drank a pot of coffee at the restaurant...gonna pay for that tomorrow.

So far there's a number of things I found in cleaning the workshop that I can put up for sale on E-Bay. That's a comfort because I sometimes get to feeling that everything I own is useless. (Usually about the time I start to feel everything I _do_ is worthless. Not at the moment though.) I sold an old piece of software for $150.00 after fees and shipping so that's a seriously positive thing. Of course all that money got spent in the car-day-from-hell just recently so it's gone. But honestly it was there when I needed it and I thank The Goddess for that.

Well the battery seems to have lasted about an hour so far so that's a good thing. Also the netbook seems to go to sleep properly when closed which is something my other Linux notebooks can not lay claim to. I think I'll get a judgment call from my wife on if she's going to use this or not and then go from there. IF the one local lady would stop by and cough up the repair/trade-in job she set up with me I'd be able to just buy a replacement screen for her old system and bingo my wife would be upgraded. But alas the lady hasn't contacted me so I have to chase that down.

That said I'm seriously working on business card ideas because it seems like I can get referrals from local people who don't want to pay Worst Buy's prices or deal with the one local place. Don't know why I get that much respect but hey at the moment I'll take it

Well I'm done with breakfast so now it's off to grocery shopping and then a bunch of reading at home. As I said I'll try and post (and write) more often.

I hope everybody has a good day! :-)

This keyboard really is small. I can see why my wife wouldn't be in love with it. I suppose I'll have to shoot for something just a hair bigger for her next notebook so she can relegate the ThinkPad to her 501c use. I really really want that 501c stuff separate just in case the gooberment comes calling. There's nothing illegal going on or anything it's just I don't want things to be confused with our personal finances.

2 Percent cheese and a feeling of guilt...

First - don't ever buy 2% cheese. It's secretly made of gum rubber. I just accidentally bought two bricks of it and it's not worth the gas to return.

Second - my wife just called me a little bit ago and gave me the netbook due to (as I guessed) the keyboard being too small.

I feel guilty about this because it was a surprise present at the time. BUT...she's told me to let it go so I'm going to let it go.

At least until I can buy/get her something better in replacement. ;-)