December 2nd, 2010


How many stupid personality quirks will we see instead of souls!

I'm currently avoiding cleaning by hiding in the lab.

But the lab needs cleaning too unfortunately so that's a big fail on avoiding on my part.

Still need to set up a physical with a new doctor just to start the ball rolling on getting some health things under control. Doing fine mom - don't bug me about it. What I really need to do is have him/her do fasting blood tests for cholesterol and sugar. I also need to have my ganglioneuroma checked again for size to make sure it hasn't grown. X-ray to see if the kidney stone is still there since it hasn't pained me recently.

Short post today because my sister-in-law is coming over to get the daughter off the bus so I can get to class on time. If she's coming over I want certain things cleaned up just on general principle.

Not making progress on the CCNA stuff. What I'm going to do is go through the book and mark all the lists of "must haves" for the test that they have in there and study them. Likely I'll take my wife up on having her quiz me on each of them using the review questions in the book.

Running out of time here.

Unfortunately I think I know _why_ I'm doing so poorly on these tests. I won't speculate on it here but I need to handle it so I can move forward.

I think I found the problem with the truck. I'm going to replace the fuel filter and try to confirm it this week. I also need to solve the wiring issue with the gas gauge so I don't have to drive by the aging and increasingly inaccurate odometer.

At least I'm starting to write again even if it's just posting here.

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