December 16th, 2010


Changes in the winds...

So I'm done with my CCNA+Security class as of Tuesday and that means for the moment no more miles on the truck and no more having people show up to get my daughter off the bus after I leave. Both good things.

Still the tests for both the CCNA and the CCNA+Security need to be passed. Neither is easy but the CCNA+Security one is going to be a little easier than the former so I may focus on taking that first. Regardless I'm running out of time here.

A long-time friend just identified himself as TG and I'm truly okay with that. Most of that flotsam and jetsom in my personality regarding that stuff got disabled years ago. I still get twinges but most of it is well taken care of. And with my constant ever-increasing stream of discovering things about myself (both bad and good) who am I to judge what other people are inside?

Speaking of which my wife had me watch "ADD and Loving It" and after much thought over my actions and habits I have to say it's probably time for me to get both my autism and possible other things formally diagnosed. There's no real stigma to it any more and lots of help to be gained. (Yes I know there's still some assholes out there that cause problems for anybody that doesn't fit into their world view but they seem to be getting thankfully rarer and rarer.) Anyway I have a number of the standard set of symptoms for ADD so I have to see if I can't separate out ADD from Autism. The two aren't necessarily exclusive but they do overlap in a number of areas so it's time to pin it all down.

I have to thank my wife for not leaving me a mess after making no-bakes last night. Cleaning as we cook makes a considerable difference to how long it takes me to clean the kitchen every day.

Which reminds me that I have to go out and get more of the ingredients for the cheap beef stew including the cheap seasoning packet. It all worked well in the crock pot and both my wife and I loved it. Same for the cheap chili. I really need to prep to cook more stuff.

Oh and three new cherry tomatoes started on the plant in the library! Woot! Now I just need to put better lighting in there to help more of them grow. Plant food helps as well.

I've been watching a couple of inexpensive but complete hydroponics setups on E-bay lately. One with 8 pots and one that is a 5 gallon bucket. If I can get one of those I can replicate it myself locally and then grow a ton of things indoors. I just wish I could find a cheap way to make recycled vegetables and such into hydroponics nutrients. That would rock most greatly.

Didn't renew my Dreamwidth paid premium account and it seems to still allow me to post remotely and cross-post properly. So it looks like I can wait on that one.

Good thing too because I really really need to cobble together about $90 total to do my timing chain on my truck. (And the water pump at the same time.) I've got the water pump but I need to buy the timing chain kit, all the gaskets, and antifreeze because you really need to take the radiator out to do this job.

Oh and I'm due for a new headlight switch on that truck again. I suspect there's still a grounding issue with it but I can't find anything that tells me where the ground points are on that vehicle. They're all labeled with letters but not a physical location in most cases. I should hunt them all down and clean them. That would almost certainly do a world of good on that truck. Especially with the age of the wires.

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About xPostulate...

I've been using a piece of blog posting software on Linux called xPostulate for a while now and it's currently doing all right for me.

Some good points:

1) It's simple. Incredibly simple. It is for lack of a better word streamlined.

2) It can post to multiple blogs from the same interface as well as Twitter among other things. About nine blog types just glancing at the drop-down list. That's pretty impressive. It also includes Dreamwidth and Insanejournal among those.

3) It doesn't use a ton of memory or resources. I'm currently typing on an Asus EEE 701SD(?) netbook using Ubuntu NBR 10.x with only 256M of ram. xPostulate seems to run quite well under those conditions and the developer seems to understand that just because you have large resources is no reason to produce bloated code.

4) The developer is currently approachable. That makes a big difference when trying to solve a problem. That obviously changes over time as things get more popular but it's an excellent way to support what you create.

Some bad points:

1) No spellcheck. I'm a horrible speller and slightly dyslexic. Manually correcting all my words a lot fo the time is very very troublesome for me. That little red line you see with most inline spellcheckers makes all the difference.

2) No "post to all" button. This is no longer a big issue for me since Dreamwidth cross-posts properly but if you can't automatically cross-post a big "One-Damn-Button" would make a world of difference.

3) The server name list is not friendly. It's not intuitive that Ljxml means Livejournal. Most people can figure it out easily enough but using friendly names goes a long way towards reducing support questions and making an intuitive interface.

4) (Technical) Passwords and usernames in the config file are not hashed. I know this would add bloat but in light of the recent Gawker database thing security is on my mind.

5) Saved entries do not include the subject, tags, category, etc. so if you save your work and open it later you have to remember what title, etc. you want to use. Not too bad just a little annoying.

6) None of the more commong blog posting choices on the server list like Blogger, Wordpress, Drupal, etc. Mediawiki would be nice as well. (Mediawiki or Drupal would be interesting choices. When I ran Mediawiki as a blogging platform on my home server there was almost NOTHING that was a remote posting tool.)

I'm sure I'll find other things for now but those are the biggies. What it comes down to is I love the software and thank the developer profusely for creating it and hope he can implement the rest of the things over time. :-)

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