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December 23rd, 2010

Getting more things in order around here both for the holidays as well as the arrival of relatives.

Scored something cool off of Freecycle yesterday - a wood and metal futon with a REAL mattress not just the flimsy kind. (Though the flimsy black one was included as well.) It needs a couple of bolts and some TLC but it’s in good condition and fits well in the library.

So now we have extra crash space for friends and family until we can get the third bedroom whipped into shape. I crashed on it myself this afternoon and it’s fairly comfortable. You can’t even feel the frame underneath.

A good score indeed. If only I could get Freecycle to cough up some construction or insulation materials. :-/

Now that my classes are done I need to officially start looking for a job again. I hate it because there are so many jobs out there that don’t fit but would do the job financially. Also all this job searching interferes with my studying for the CCNA exams and a ton of other things. Despite almost no chance of winning this won’t be the last time I wish for a winning lottery ticket.

We managed to have some extra money this week so I ordered the timing chain and gaskets for the Dakota. I’m trying not to drive it unless I have to so I can get those parts put in. If the chain breaks while I’m driving it I’d be looking at another engine which is $1600 minimum off of E-Bay. Not something we can afford right now.
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