December 28th, 2010


Why must the day start before noon?

So I'm awake...yeah...*zzzzzzz*

*gets poked by a stick*

Huh? Wha? Oh...right...posting...

All-in-all it has turned out to be an okay holiday season. We survived it anyway. ;-)

We have a ton of cleaning to do. (Why is it there's always a ton more cleaning during the holidays than most other times?) Mostly dishes at the moment but we definitely have to vacuum and dust. I also have to clean out the hearth because it's chok full of ashes that can be used on the sidewalk ice outside.

Wondering why the blossoms on my bean plant look a little withered today. I wonder if mom accidentally watered them when she watered the tomato plants. That would explain it because you can't over-water in these pots or they quickly become waterlogged.
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