December 30th, 2010


A year and more in review...(no meme)

So...been a long time...a long year and more.

I suppose the basics of the year started off with me getting laid off last year (2009) and trying like hell to find another one before getting WIA training stuff.

Still no job yet.

In the year I went through a ton of depression but that seems to finally be lifting. Still sluggish.

Got rid of a car, started getting my workshop in order, handled some health issues, failed at gardening, and a number of other things.

Adopted a wonderful dog that has been a joy. Saw improvements in my daughter's awareness. Fought with teachers and others.

Dealt with stubborn family members and stubborn vehicles.

Saw my mother have a minor epiphany. Saw friends have them too.

Almost reached 500k on my truck. Started serious repairs on it.

Saw a great number of freedoms in this nation disappear. Saw only a certain few rise up about that.

Saw a greater awakening in my spiritual gifts. Saw myself step on my own feet.

Saw major changes in everybody's lives around me. As well changes in my own.

When it comes down to it with all that's happened and the crushing depression I frankly can't recall a lot of this last year. Highlights really.

Here's to hoping next year will be better!

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