April 5th, 2013


So much for daily progress...

Went back to sleep this morning and woke up at 10:30 am or so. Ate some toast, drank a Pepsi Throwback. Then got dressed and worked on the kitchen sink around 11:00 am.

That finished up at 12:50 pm. So almost two hours fixing that thing - especially since I had to go back and forth to the hardware store to get first the J-trap then the tailpipe. Turns out the main drain is fine but the tailpipe and J-trap had rusted through and were just waiting to fail. It's currently holding a sink full of water right now so we'll see if it drips any more or not.

It's nice out. Thinking about throwing all plans to the wind today and taking the dog for a walk around the block. It's almost nice enough to go outside and sleep in a sunbeam. ^_^

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And the dog won out...

Just got back from taking the dog for a walk. Man we're a messy neighbourhood. If I didn't think I'd end up doing it forever I'd take trash bag next time and clean up as I go. I did clean up after the dog though so that's something.

And now I have no motivation to do anything but rest. My father hasn't called me so likely he's not coming over. I'd love to go out and get a burger or something but having to spend to repair the sink killed that. And it's not like I need a burger anyhow. What I need is $60 to replace the grill burners so I can roast vegetables. Why?

The office has decided to do the Urban Warrior Dash this year. I've agreed. Need to come up with the entry fee if the office doesn't cover it but still I'm in. And what's worse is that this one is two miles longer than the regular Warrior Dash. I don't think they realise that at work yet. But there appears to be no mud involved so that's a blessing. Of course it has a section that you run up and down stadium stairs so I guess that counters the no mud thing. (Linky: http://www.urbanwarriordash.com/obstacles.php )

So I guess that means I'm getting on the treadmill at the gym despite my social phobias. Maybe I'll go over there today. Depends on how I feel. Since the basement is no longer running water I may scour Freecycle for a home treadmill. In theory we can fit it in the third bedroom as well so if we can find one cheap or free I'll definitely do it.

Goddess it's 2 pm here already. Where has the day gone?

Down the drain! XD

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