nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Melodramatic Mechanical Misdiagnosis Mischief...

So the other day I had to pay $95 for a tow because my truck didn't start. Turn the key then nothing. Because the key felt like it had no spring in it I figured the ignition switch died. Replaced it and all was well...for a couple days.

I go to start it this morning and the same thing. I swapped starter relays and nothing. That means I called it wrong or had two issues. I have a replacement starter it's just a nasty job on that vehicle.

So I pressed the '81 024 into service kind of two-footing my way to work because that car has carburetor issues which I have yet to rectify despite having the parts. I'll probably swap the carb tomorrow as I have everything for the job and it's a self-adjusting feedback carb so all I have to dink with is idle, high idle, and the A/C solenoid. All easy.

Right now I'm at my mother-in-law's house waiting for my daughter to get home from school. Posting this from an iPhone btw is interesting but not as easy as it should be. Apple really needs to allow Bluetooth keyboards.

(Edited because iPhone predictive text sometimes get is wery vrong. ;-)
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