nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Highly Bankrupt Pants

December 5, 2009 9:17 AM 12/5/09

So it’s been almost a month since I’ve posted anything - sorry.

Things are going okay. We’re paying our bills and other things well enough.

First snow here this week. Whoop-de-doo. I am frankly tired of snow. Thankfully I managed to get the tractor and plow into the garage so there won’t be any issues once it snows more. (If it snows more. Global warming is a definite reality as far as I’m concerned.)

Still writing on and off but I’m not focused on it yet. I’m working on reorganizing the workshop so one area is a space just for writing but that’s slow going. Will probably build more shelves out there this coming week so I have better storage.

Drew up plans for a box outside the garage window so I can store the firewood outside in a dry space rather than in the garage because I want to reclaim the space under that window. Planning on building another workbench for that spot using the wood I already have and maybe a 2x4 or two from the local big box store.

Also drew up a framework to put on the outside of the shed to be able to store the jon-boat on top of the shed instead of off to the side of it.

Managed to get the grill and the non-working motorcycle into the shed this year so the yard is actually fairly clear of junk. Still a lot of dead vegetation to be handled but with the snow that’s waiting until next year. Though I really really want to get proper lights for the walkways even if I have to use non-green AC run lights.

It’s funny because I figured out how to make simple LED pole lights using standard copper plumbing pipe and a regular AC lighting transformer. Polish the copper but don’t coat it so it patinas properly and they should look pretty cool. Not sure if my wife would like them or not so I’ll probably have to make one first to show her.

Have friends coming over this afternoon to do paper RPG stuff which is going to be good fun. Unfortunately that means a buttload of cleaning because we’ve been a little lazy since the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s mostly just clutter anyway so we should be able to knock that out without too much issue. (Ick. I just remembered that I have to clean out the fireplace. Fun.)

Picked up a free Compaq EVO N610c notebook and loaded Ubuntu 9.10 on it and it seems to just frakking work which I’m quite grateful for. Got a 2.2ghz processor to upgrade it and wedged wireless into the thing in place of the internal modem and it just rocks. Pretty damn solid for such an old notebook.

Managed to get the carb on the 024 working right. Someone screwed up the rebuild and I had to switch the solenoid on it but now it runs like a champ. Just in time to have to replace the exhaust. *grin* And I managed to start the truck using a pair of pliers across the relay terminals so I can at least move it. I may just wire a starter switch on the dash - at 497k miles diagnosing wiring issues is a bit of a pain.
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