March 18th, 2020


Coughing today but not why you think...

Got a dry cough right now....because I cleaned out the Dyson yesterday.  It was so clogged with hair and dust and of course I inevitably got a face full. 

So empty pants and all here's where things stand...

1 - Foot reconstructed and fusing together well enough.  I have enough flexibility to drive (tested) and should have enough to operate the back brakes on a motorcycle.  I get my custom CROW (boot) in some sort of random number of weeks between now and four.  Or in the words of the Ortho guy who made my cast: "Whenever the gremlins finish making it."  That, plus a lift on my left foot, will give me full walking and functioning status while the foot heals up the rest of the way.  So confirmed that I will eventually be walking normally but maybe with some orthopedic shoes.

2 - Wife currently shows no signs of cancer at this time.  She's on the Avastin chemo treatments and then eventually surgery.  Though for the moment her chemo is on hold because in this environment it's not wise to lower her immune system.

3 - We are currently both work-at-home for the foreseeable future.  She goes into work twice a day to get more paperwork but otherwise works out of one room, I work out of the other.  Part of me is kinda hoping this will last longer vs shorter even when there's an inoculation for Covid-19.  She needs to learn to not stress about her work and getting her away from some negative people will certainly help.

4 - We have been practicing social distancing and good hygiene so we should be okay.  If I catch this bug then I'll have to completely move out of the house so my wife doesn't get it.  If she already didn't have it at that time that is.  I bought a bidet attachment but haven't installed it yet.  Those things I have zero problem with and cut down on toilet paper greatly.

5 - When I'm not a schlub I stream on Twitch. If you know me then you can find me. Otherwise I'm not cool leaving a link really.  Some people I don't want in my stream if you know what I mean.

That's about all I have spoons for currently. Going to head to sleep so I can work a half day tomorrow and find out how bad all this has affected my A1C.  I'll be unsurprised if it hasn't gone from 6.4 (on meds) to 8 or something.

Take care of yourself, take care of each other, and stay shiny.  I'll catch you on the flip-side.  Later!

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