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Just another flake....

December 10, 2009 9:26 PM 12/10/09

What is it about cold and snowy days that make you feel like you want to just curl up into a little ball under a ton of blankets.

I’m not talking about those days of bright sun and brisk cold that make you feel sharp and aware with a tang in your nose. I’m talking about the days of bitter cold where any exposed skin becomes taut and cold as if you’re made of ice yourself and all you touch feels slightly sticky as if you would be stuck if given even a moment’s hesitation.’s cold here.

I even had trouble getting into the hatchback today. Well...not getting into it exactly. The cold was so bad that the latch mechanism of the door was gummed enough that the door wouldn’t stay closed. Someone watching me would have probably mistaken the situation for a bad situation in a comedy film of some sort. I got angry and repeatedly slammed the door and watched it bounce back almost immediately about a half dozen times before my brain finally engaged and I got out the hair dryer to heat up the latch.

Never was there a better excuse to buy a remote starter. Unfortunately that’s a bit out of my price range right now.

People on the road today were idiots as usual. A ton of large SUVs and trucks and luxury cars that just don’t have a clue on how to actually drive. I drive a 28 year old hatchback with a low-slung suspension and manual steering and manual brakes and I have more control on these roads than most of these yutzes.

I did manage to score an inexpensive little A/V transmitting pair from a local friend that allows me to play and control the unused satellite receiver in the garage. This is pretty cool because sometimes I miss certain shows while I’m working out there and while I don’t watch a lot of TV I do kind of like a couple of shows.

Speaking of the workshop I was sitting out there tonight trying to get something working and all of a sudden there was this cold draft. Turns out I forgot to staple plastic over the two large gable vents out there. I managed to get the one covered but not the other. I’ll do that tomorrow hopefully.

Been writing in a small black notebook about the world in The Unlicensed. Worldbuilding in red ink with a fountain pen. Go figure. It’s good I started doing that because there were some things I didn’t understand about the people I’m writing about.

Y’know I never really understood that whole “my characters tell me what to write” thing. I accepted it because it fits and makes sense but I’ve never really experienced it until now. It’s actually a pretty cool feeling and one that is oddly completely comfortable to me. Again. Go figure. :-)

The temp is dropping and so are my eyelids. ‘Night all!
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