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We are a country run by barbarians and the world rightly sees us as such. Science Fiction author Peter Watts was beaten and imprisoned while trying to return to Canada from the US:


Worse yet they took everything and left him without his coat or indeed much of anything when they released him.

Okay. So let's supposed that Dr. Watts was a bit sarcastic with the border guards.

That should not matter a bit. Period. And being "lippy" as some people have categorized it is not a crime in the US or Canada and should be off the table as far as the border goons are concerned. (I refuse to categorize them as people in reference to this incident.) But EVEN if you go with them hassling him because of that they crossed the line by THROWING HIM OUT IN THE COLD IN THE WINTER WEATHER WITHOUT HIS COAT!

If the rest of the US is wondering why the world is looking at us sadly and shaking their heads as if we're some mentally damaged individual banging their head against the wall and drooling THIS sort of shit is why.

I'm so embarrassed to be a US citizen right now. It probably won't do anything but I've just posted a simple message with the link to the BoingBoing story on whitehouse.gov contact page. I urge everybody else to do the same or similar things.

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Dec. 12th, 2009 05:39 pm (UTC)
As someone who has traveled a LOT and worked with various security departments I have learned, when dealing with any form of security (in any country), keep your eyes down, be polite and follow instructions unless they seem likely to get you injured. Don't get out of the car unless told to, and if you are get out quickly with your hands where they can be seen if possible. Try not to look annoyed at the interruption to your day; aim for bored if you can't manage friendly.

The people who apply for security jobs come in 2 colors - asshole and "hero". The hero types are actually trying to do good, and are unfortunately rare. The assholes wanted a job that would make them feel powerful and they couldn't get into the police academy.

All that being said... definitely boost the signal. The more people who know and complain about this the better.



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