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Temple Dog FTW!

May 6, 2010 10:10 PM 5/6/10

So among the things that have happened is that we got a new member of the family - our Lhasa Apso named Richard. (I think I mentioned that.)

In case you don’t know, the common (and maybe incorrect) belief is that the Lhasa Apso breed were bred as companions to the Tibetan monks as well as for internal watchdogs in the temples. (There are mixed reports about this but I like the idea and it fits my world view even if it may be wrong. Sue me.) ;-)

Anyway this evening we were sitting on the couch and Richard suddenly becomes intensely interested in the grey chair in our living room. Growling a bit, snorting, minor barking, very focused on the chair.

I checked the chair physically and there was nothing. I mean nothing. No food scraps, no bugs, nothing. So“check” the chair in a slightly different manner if you know what I mean and sure enough it feels dark for lack of a better word.

I mentally open up and push whatever was there outside the house and sealed off the borders. No sooner had I done this than the dog suddenly became extremely relaxed, full of energy, and completely playful. No longer focused on the chair. Like night and day. :-)

In other news I managed to motivate and get the lawn mowed and trimmed well as well as installed the two shepherd’s hooks in the small bed for the hanging melon vines. Haven’t cleaned that bed out yet but I did use the trimmer on everything in there so it shouldn’t be too hard to remove anything that’s left.

I also managed to pull up the carpet in the garden but haven’t bagged it yet. I’ll try and get to that tomorrow.

I don’t know if I mentioned it but I replaced the slop sink that I broke in the house and put the other one outside. I put landscape fabric in the bottom of it, painted it hammer metal grey, filled it with dirt, and planted a bunch of the broccoli in it behind the garage. So yes I finally have my first planting of the season and in a recycled container on top of it.

My daughter has a half-day tomorrow but I’m still going to try and clean up more out in the garage. Some good souls from a regional computer group came by and helped me get rid of a number of things. So while I now have a ton of boxes everywhere I actually have less stuff than before. And one of those guys is going to be back again to help me a little more. (I even got rid of my old Sun E450 server among other things.) My goal there is to make a creative workshop space again, a crash space with the projector+screen I have, and a hack space for things like my PDP-11/04, Microvax II/III, and LA120 printer/terminal.

I got a bite from a headhunter I worked with a great many years ago for a job in the town we live in. I _massively_ hope that works out. Working in-town and not having to drive anywhere far would be seriously great. *crosses fingers*

I also finished the first third of my Oranaan story for Torn World. It’s currently in the process and hopefully will pass inspection for a canon story inclusion. We’ll see. :-)

I really enjoy writing fiction. For instance I just repaired an Alphasmart 3000 and wrote up the first 400 words of a story about zombies and what happens where there are no more brains.

The flip of this is that I still have four other stories that I haven’t completed. The Unlicensed is the one that’s bugging me because I shifted tracks on it a bit and haven’t been back to is since. I’m concerned because of one of the environments I made but I think I can get past that if I can sit down to the keyboard again.

I’m a little worried about that part of things as well. I’ve been out of work since Sept 2009 and certain creative things have really pulled at me and I’ve actually made some progress on them. I’m deathly afraid of those going away when I get a new job due to time, energy, all of that stuff.

What I want...what I really a way to make a living doing creative stuff. In the end that’s what I want.

I don’t know if I can manage that in the current situation.
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