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The gardening version of "who moved my cheese"...

Or more precisely "What ate my watermelon plant?"

I'm done. I'm going to clean up the garden for next year and be done with it until then.

Something managed to eat the watermelon plant from the bottom of the upside-down bucket. It's completely gone down to the roots.

It was hung too high for a rabbit so likely it was a deer or something similar.

And it's really my fault after all because I didn't protect those plants. I didn't put up any sort of barrier at all. My fault. That doesn't prevent me from being peeved about the situation though.

On top of that several times not I've had to re-settle the impatien in the front flower box because some stupid thing is digging in there. Likely a furry rat. I just had to go do it again.

It's official. This year I have failed at gardening. Completely. The only thing I have left is the one cherry tomato plant that I _bought_ and that likely will get damaged by something. It's just the trend this year.
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