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House meme... (Lifted from starcat_jewel.)

1. How many places have you lived in?

Eight total that I can recall. Nine if you count that my wife and I had to move into my mother's house at one point which I'd left when we got married.

2. Which one was the best?

Well since we're currently in our first purchased home I'd have to go with this one. It's a one-level ranch built in the 50's but it's got a heated 2-car that silly me is my workshop when it's not discombobulated. It's got a partial basement that I plan on finishing complete with ladder from the main floor for tornado access. It's also got a 25' x 25' garden space and is on a nice corner lot. (Even if it develops a lake when it rains a lot.)

3. Which one was the worst?
That would have to be the apartment my wife and I first lived in. Upstairs of a duplex, cranky landlady that was in there constantly when we weren't there, and creepy neighbors downstairs. It was nice for privacy reasons but it was too close to both our families and at the time more expensive than we needed to pay.

4. What is your favorite room of the house - the 'make-or-break' room if you were purchasing or renting?

Favorite room would have to be the kitchen/dining room. At least out of the standard rooms. Really now that we have one I can't see not having a library no matter where we go unless it's completely impossible.

5. Do you have a favorite architectural style? Modern? Craftsman? Southern Gothic? Ranch? Terrace house? Something else?

Personally I'm pretty flexible. I lean a little towards Craftsman but I kind of like Victorians. I even like 60's ranch homes if they're large enough.

6. Would you want to live in an unusual home - like a tipi, yurt, or RV?

Definitely! My wife and I have many discussions on this subject because I want an Earthship or a large hobbit hole while my wife is set on an old country farmhouse. Ideally? If money were no object I would go for a country farmhouse on the side of a mountain foothill with an attached hobbit hole and behind that halls of stone with high but bright shafts of light with stained glass. Best of all worlds for me.

7. Does your area have homes with basements?

Yes though not all. I do like basements as long as the ceiling height isn't too low and they're not too damp. They make great workshops for me because you can be in them 24x7 without the neighbors complaining about noises and they're usually completely secluded from everything else.

8. Which would you rather have: a pool, a game-room, a custom home-theater room, or a loft?

Depends on the location. A house on a hill by the sea - loft. Large loft. The aforementioned hobbit hole - a game room. (Workshops should be fairly separate from the house if possible.) So yeah it really depends on location.

9. Do you like fireplaces?

Won't have another house without one! We have a large corner one. Wood only - no gas. (Gas == fake to me regarding fireplaces.)

10. Carpet or hardwoods/tile?

Hardwood with tile depending on the room. I'm okay with manufactured flooring but I prefer hardwood.

11. Country kitchen or tiny galley?

If those are the only choices then I choose country. Otherwise a modern kitchen but not too large. To me even though it gives a lot of work area a kitchen can definitely be too large. And I'm not all that big on granite either. Recycled glass counters really sit well with me.

If I had to build my own house it would really be a head scratcher. :-)
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