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Gotta keep moving...

So I've been on a "funky" connection here for the last 4 - 5 days (and had the plague again ta-boot) because I finally got my main DNS servers up and running again. That means I don't have to pay Dotster money to manage my DNS for my domains and mail servers and so forth. That saves me about $60/year in fees and gives me better control.

That said I oopsed and turned off the Dotster services before everything was transferred over. Which caused a friend of mine to give me an earful because I interrupted his mail server which I host in my basement. Oops.

Regardless it's almost all synchronized again and my plague has dwindled to an annoyance so it's all good.

My wife gets her ankle operated on tomorrow to removed the 10mm fibula (?) tip that broke off removed. That means I'll be wearing a butler's uniform for two weeks because she won't be able to get up except to go to the bathroom. (I refuse to change bedpans!) But after two weeks she'll be back at work as usual and healed in another four or so.

The Roombas are now lying to me about their batteries being charged so I have to look at their charging circuits again. The batteries are both good but they're not charging which makes the Roombas useless to me. Fortunately I should be able to get working on those soon.

The workshop is still a mess partly because it's been too hot out there to work on it and partly because of my plague and my wife's ankle and a whole lot of other excuses. The truth of the matter is that I just don't feel like putting for the effort at the moment. And that's truly sad because it's my quiet space. Especially since we put the A/C unit into the window next to the couch and you have to use wireless headphones or blast it to hear anything from the TV/stereo.

Speaking of media I have to really really really find something nice for my one friend because he gave me his 80 gig iPod Classic. And that did two things that were really important. 1) It allowed me to remove a big chunk of my media from my 8gig iPhone and replace it with e-books/pdfs. 2) It allowed me to put a bunch if iTunes-U classes on the iPod Classic that I didn't have room for before. Like the Stanford CS106a/b programming classes which are frankly pretty good as a refresher as well as a new class. I owe him big time. :-)

Meanwhile Netflix is annoying the crap out of me. Because Big Media requires them to buy from certain sources for media and licenses they are _always_ running out of discs due to damage and so forth. Repeatedly now I've been unable to watch a series to completion because they take one of the discs and put it in the "unknown" category which means "We have no idea when this will be available again.". That would be okay if they then didn't ship me the NEXT DISC FROM THE INCOMPLETE SERIES.

So basically what I have to do now it monitor my Netflix queue daily to find out if a disc is going to be delayed and if so move that entire series to end of my queue so I don't end up watching things out of order. *grump*

On the gardening front I actually have one heirloom tomato plant that is doing well. The melon plant likely will not get big enough in time to produce but I'll still keep it watered and we'll see. Yet another reason I really want to get the workshop or basement finished so I can set up to try and grow hydroponically throughout the year. Unfortunately that costs money that I don't have yet.

On the WIA training front it's down to two fairly local places that give Cisco CCNA+1 training, one through Harper College and one through Microtrain. Both are boot camps (6 weeks and 12 weeks respectively) but I don't really have a choice. With the extension to unemployment the 12 week class is within my grasp but a 48 week class would not be. Even if that is a more complete class and a better learning environment.

So I guess I'll be going with the 12 week course from Microtrain and end up with a couple of Cisco certs at the end of it. Not a bad thing I just don't like the pace and the fact that I'd have to drive to Deerfield for the class. Not sure if that's a daily class either.

On top of all of this my wife's disability for one of the two weeks she's off will only be paying 60% of her normal pay. *spit!* I suppose I should be glad that they pay anything at all but having to shuffle almost all the next month's bills onto this next pay period is making me a little bitter about the situation.

Well it's about time I get back to cleaning the house so this is me signing off...
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