nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Success! Da Wife is resting comfortably! :-)

We spent most of the day at the hospital but in the end it was worth it. My wife's ankle should recover completely in about 6 weeks or so.

They were able to take the almost 1/2" bone piece out without a problem and didn't have to move the ligament at all just tie it down better. They also didn't put her in a permanent cast as of yet. The doc said that as long as she stays off of it for two weeks they won't have to.

The end result is for two weeks she sits on her butt unless she has to go to the bathroom for some reason. Nothing else. That will be enough to heal her so she can go back to work without issue. (Which is _greatly_ needed since we found out about the 60% disability thing.)

Anyways it's all good and I get to be Igor for two weeks now but in the end it's for a good reason.



Yesss mistresss! to go now. More posts later. ;-)
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