nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

My wife scoops me on the anniversary front for once!

August 20, 2010 9:02 AM 8/20/10

It’s been sixteen long hard years of toil and suffering since my wife and I got married - but most of it unrelated to the event in question. ;-P

Seriously though my wife gave me one of the best anniversary gifts we’ve had in a while due to not having cash - she told me that she’s getting her full 40 hours back at work. (Things must be looking up for her company which is a popular book distributor for libraries and such.)

So seeing as I have no money I couldn’t afford to get her anything and thus she has managed for the first time in sixteen years to scoop me on our anniversary. I’m quite happy with that at the moment. Love you honey! :-)

On the training front I have been watching the CCNA CBT videos and got through a good quarter of them so far. They’re pretty clear and concise and the fact that I can play them on my Mac is extra bonus awesome because the workshop where my Windows PC is set up still doesn’t have a gable fan to exhaust the hot air out of it. That’s $50 we can’t afford to spend right now. So for now my study area is the couch or the chair in the living room and a pair of Nady QH560 headphones. Not bad because the Macbook puts out enough volume in those to drown out what’s going on around me.

(Oh and after taking one ride down to register during the week I’ve found that riding the train down to the training place rocks. I’ve decided I’m going to take those 12 rides and learn to draw. Probably manga style.)

Munchkin starts school with her Open House on Monday. That means that my daytimes will be free during the week again so I’ll be able to get more done.

We’re horrible parents because we didn’t sit down and do homework with her over the summer. We just didn’t have the energy with what’s been going on. Fortunately I’m planning on restarting “Bria TV” here this weekend and maybe tackle some of the summer homework so she can come to school a little better prepared.

Looks like the temps are dropping overall so the end of summer is near. While I will miss summer I won’t miss our continual rounds of Super Humid Hot Days! that we’ve been playing with lately. I absolutely hate hot and humid and can’t get much done in them. When I sweat just getting the mail from the mailbox it’s not conducive to being outdoors.

But since the temps are going down a bit I will finally be able to give some attention to the yard which has been overrun by Japanese beetles and overgrown in a lot of areas simply because I couldn’t deal with the weather. I mean if it wasn’t humid and boiling it was raining. Neither are conditions that allow me to do trimming and weeding and digging.

I’m sorry if my yard looks bad but I’m not going to be that guy who has a heart attack because he chose to weed his yard in 90 degree/90% humidity weather.

Enjoyed what little I did in this month’s Muze Fusion so maybe I’ll be back next month. Depends on what’s going on offline.

Waiting in the wings is...

Starting my classes on the 28th.

Starting the next portion of my Torn World story about Oranaan - “Awake“.

Repairing my maternal great-grandmother’s sewing table.

Welding two small guide bars on my father’s grinders so he can do his jewelry work.

Finishing the garage/workshop organization.

Cleaning up the yard and prepping for next season’s gardening.

Replacing the insulation in one part of our ceiling because it’s bare which causes condensation.

Repairing the 024 so I can drive it to Lombard in October for the second set of classes.

Repairing the brakes on my wife’s minivan. They’re just about gone.

Repairing all the things I have parts for on my truck.

Losing weight.

Exercising more.

Completing the two different style products I want to sell on E-Bay. Maybe making a third as well.

Reorganizing our bedroom with my wife so we aren’t sleeping N->S but rather E->W. (For some reason I sleep better that way.)

Finding a remote admin or telecommuting job if possible once I get my certs.

The list goes on and on and on....

Today though? I’m just happy to have my family and a place to live.
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