nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Feeling a little buzzed...

Well everybody does it at least once. I tried to cut my own hair the other day. Unfortunately I tried using an $8 Hong Kong model hair trimmer.

To quote an Indiana Jones movie..."He chose...poorly.".

So now it's buzz cut using a number 2 comb and it's at least even. And from this point on since we now have a _real_ trimmer that a friend gave us (okay it's a dog trimmer but they are physically the same and if you clean it with alcohol and oil it you can use it for both) I will likely just use the number 3 or 4 comb on the top and the number 2 comb on the sides from now on.

Thus saving me in haircut money. And eventually I'll get the hang of it.

In other news I almost titled this entry "It's all about my balls." because with the help of two very mechanically inclined people we installed the upper and lower ball joints in my aged pickup truck. As you can imagine the jokes went on _all_ _day_.

Had some sort of plague last night that kept me blowing my nose. I took something and went to bed and dreamed about zombie wolves chasing me around a hospital attached to a large barn. (More likely a vet's office in the country.) And they chased me up the side of a wood wall just covered with blades and oddly an old rifle AND a bent M1. That's about when I had to wake up. Oddly this made me ponder and send an e-mail to a certain author (seanan_mcguire) asking if zombie wolves howl or not.

My mind often feeds on my imagination to make the most interesting dreams. Three most common? Vampires, zombies, and...I can't remember the third. But it's important.

Training is going well but I'm definitely pushing back the CCNA+Security class to January because you basically need to study for about two weeks straight _after_ taking the class to pass the main CCNA exam. Doubling up is just not possible with this much complex material. Unfortunately that puts me close to the end of the unemployment funding so I hope I can find a job before I start the CCNA+Security class.

And right now I'm going through a bout of "cleaning fail" (or is it "flail") so I hopefully can motivate and get moving again. I think maybe repairing the Roombas is going to get pushed up a notch on the priority list because automatic vacuuming rocks and right now they're not so automatic.

Back to the grindstone...
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