nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Ba-thump! *sparks*

Well that'll teach me to check and re-check the lugnuts on my vehicles any time I've got the tires off.

It's unnerving but cool to see the driver's side wheel go off into the distance while you spark your way to the side of the road.

Let me roll this back a bit... (No pun intended.)

Thanks to some close friends we got the ball joints done on the front of my truck. I rotated the tires front to back because they were extra worn on the inside but would be okay on the back until I could afford new ones.

About a week later I started hearing a vibration from the left front wheel. I figured since we broke the boots on the front CV joints one of them was dying. Not good but able to wait because it's a 4wd truck and I'm driving it in 2wd mode.

So tonight while I'm on my way to a Freecycle pickup I'm doing 55 down the one fairly busy road and the vibration suddenly gets a lot worse and I hear the above "ba-thump!" noise and the tire shoots off to the left in a shower of sparks and I carefully pull the truck off to the right side. (I'm damn glad nobody got hit by the tire.)

The lady behind me is just flabbergasted that I was calm and collected and helpfully pointed out that my tire had rolled into the field across the road. I thanked her and retrieved the wheel sans lugnuts and hubcap. (I borrowed one lugnut from each wheel to do a three-point mount.)

I then started installing the spare tire because the original rim has rounded holes now so I don't trust it and during the process a helpful police officer stopped to make sure I didn't get hit while on the side of the road until I could get it all installed.

After that I went on to make my Freecycle appointment and then back home with nary a bump.

Damn I'm tired.
Tags: adventure, excitement, things i can live without
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