nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

I voted...

...and it still didn't help.

I'm not usually one for politics but since we went through 8 years of crap rule that pretty much ruined this country I wasn't about to let it happen again.

Now we are going to end up with a hung government until the next presidential elections come around.

The thing that pisses me off most is that the choices were career politicians politicians. With our current government it's almost impossible to get anyone completely new into our government ranks.

And if you think this whole thing doesn't affect you then look closer. For instance I'm going into my final 13 week extension of unemployment benefits which will run some time into January.

If I don't have a job at that time IT'S THE GOVERNMENT THAT WILL AFFECT IF I GET ANY FURTHER BENEFITS to fill out the remainder of my 99 weeks.

And you can bet the people that just got elected that have been complaining about how unemployment must be curtailed will definitely NOT extend my benefits. *grump*

When it comes down to it I only have a couple of choices:

1) Complete my CCNA and get my certification and hopefully find a job.

2) Find two local jobs or a local job and some supplemental income to help us survive.

3) Find ways to generate enough income at home to help us survive.

Given a choice I'd like to have number 3 right now but it's just not realistic (and nobody at home is going to support me on that one anyway - "You have to get a joooooobbbb!") so that leaves me number 1 and number 2. I'm working on number 1 but it's a hard certification to get and likely I will start the next class before I've got the first certification which is going to confuse things even further.

Add to all this that as of January my wife's insurance costs go up considerably which means that she no longer completely covers the cost of the mortgage with her check and things get just that much grimmer.

Y'know people laugh at the idea of Fanhaven and similar things but in light of economies such as this they suddenly make sense. You get a bunch of geeks/artists/whatnot together and buy land that you can build on. Work to get money for starter homes (yurts are cheap and comfortable) and either get electricity run to property or get solar installed.

Maybe it's time for those artist communes of the 60's to return but in a different form.

You'd get...

A block of people that give a damn about their local community.

A block of people that are experienced generating their own money and not dependent on some corporate ratbag with an account in the Caymans.

A block of people that have to give some thought to their environment because it directly affects their survival.

Of course you'd also get...

A close collection of some of the most strong willed and diverse people on the planet. (Lots of disagreements.)

A location that would be immediately on the list of local government to keep an eye on because "they don't fit" and "we don't understand them" so "they must be evil".

Among other things.

You might very well end up with some of the same problems that the American Indian reservations face.

Still...the idea has some merit. And land is currently cheap enough here in the US that it's a feasible idea. (If homes are any indication I saw a home here for $14k just in the last couple of months. Knocked down the land that home was on could support two yurts. Think about it.)

But when it comes down to it that life is not for everyone - I know my wife wouldn't go for it for one - so it's a limited solution.

Better to find a way to fix our country but I don't see that happening now without some sort of open revolution.

We are rapidly approaching the "ammo box" portion of our show and Goddess help us if that happens because it'll be the end of one of the biggest and most powerful nations on the planet.

And who will it most hurt? Us. The little guys that are having a tough time making ends meet and putting food on the table. Open revolution would only cause that problem to become much much worse.

The ride's not over yet but I really want off this roller coaster...
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