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Stupid is as stupid does...

First - we're fine mom. The recent tornados and stuff just kind of blew right past us.

I haven't been taking my vitamins this last week and it's of course taken a toll on me. I stopped for a bit because I orally returned my vitamins to the porcelain bowl one morning when I didn't time taking them with food properly.

So thus things like the physical depression have set back in a bit making me a little tired. I'm planning on getting back in the swing of things this week.

Speaking of which there was a left-hand/right-hand thing with the unemployment people. Turns out that we're still going to be on a weekly pay schedule between my unemployment and my wife's check. This makes things a hell of a lot easier for us right now and I'm glad.

I'm dogsitting at the moment and gladly. Two very cute furkids (an American Eskimo and a Basset Hound/Border Collie/Hungarian Water Dog mix) in a family of very good friends. Once I get done here and de-fuzz I'll be headed home to handle some things there and then be off to class.

Figured out that part of the truck hard starting in the cold is related to gas not spark. I sprayed some carb cleaner into the throttle body this morning and it helped immensely getting her started this morning. I'm still putting her in the garage until I can figure out what's going on with both the fuel and the gas gauge as well. Thankfully I have enough space in there right now though I'll have to put the lawn tractor outside with a tarp over it so I can leave the truck in there.

Means I need to pick up a tarp. *sigh* More money spent.

Anyway at least the netbook and Xpostulate seem to be working properly right now. I'll likely post a review of both after I use them a little while. There are little "wants" in both but for now they're quite usable. :-)

Off to the races...
Tags: health, stress, vitamins
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