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Dining in...

So since I stopped taking the 5-HTP I've substituted L-tryptophan and it seems to be working out well. An extra dose before bed also seems to be helping my REM sleep which is MASSIVELY important. All hail proper vitamins. That said though I still have to eat some solid food before taking them. Today it was three homemade burgers rather than going out and paying for some. I had to use the meat anyway and tomorrow is payday so it's easily replaced.

On the subject of vitamins and food though senate bill S510 passed last night so once the two halves are reconciled you can bet your bottom dollar that the FDA will be sticking it's nose in EVERYTHING related to local food and supplements. *sigh* We need regulation on large corporations not small farmers among others.

My DW subscription is expiring but I'm not sure if I can afford to renew it. Depends on the finances. It's $40 for an entire year but I'm not sure what I'll lose if I let it go to a free account. Besides the fact that I might lost cross-posting I really like supporting DW because they seem to be doing it right. I'll see what I can squeeze out of the budget. I've got a number of things coming due so I don't think I'll be able to renew it unfortunately. Maybe I can let it lapse then renew it later after I sell some more stuff on E-Bay.

Speaking of renewals I once again have to call the publisher of Nuts & Volts because they're "expiring" my lifetime subscription. Again. They do this to me every three to five years and I call them on it and they suddenly "find" my name in the lifetime subscriber list again. I love the magazine but the management seems to be trying to lose the few lifetime people that supported them so long ago. Probably yet another infestation of Suits into a good company. *spit!*

On the bills front we're doing okay. Things are thin but we're getting by. The household, dog included, seems to be getting over some sort of nasty cold bug. It didn't last long for me because I've been taking my vitamins and trying to eat right. My wife however it seems to be lingering in.

Anyways off to start my truck and pick up some free packing materials for use with E-Bay items. I love Freecycle. ;-)

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