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Yet again feeling a bit flattened...

So on the way to class last night the front left tire on my truck went flat.

Either my ears suck or my truck is too loud because I didn't hear it make the usual noise. Drove on it to the class parking lot and changed it in the cold. I don't understand why I didn't feel it but I didn't.

So today I lucked out and found a place that had two used tires of the right size for considerably less than the price of a new tire including mounting and balancing.

So I'm typing in the waiting area of the tire place as we speak. The guy was excited that the vehicle had 499k and is still running. Frankly I'm excited as well. I need to still need to do a number of things to that vehicle and I'll get to those as money permits.

In other news the L-trypotophan seems to be doing wonders for my REM sleep but it's also making me not want to wake up easily. So maybe I need to take about half the dosage. Tough to do with capsules so maybe I need to find a source with smaller capsules.

Getting some things organized at home. Put a bunch of stuff into small boxes so they can be separated out by the family member responsible. Even my daughter has boxes to go through. Hopefully we can dig into those this weekend and discard a bunch of stuff. *sigh* More "special" trash bags used. That costs money but it's something I can plan for at least.

Only one more class in my CCNA+Security class. Tuesday is the last day and we go over the self-test software itself. After that it's up to me to pass the CCNA and CCNA+Security exams as quickly as possible. Regardless unless the people in the government get off their butts I have to have some sort of job by early to mid January or so.

That's a depressingly short period of time really. Frankly I want to get something that pays at least what I'm getting from unemployment right now but I've been looking and that likely isn't realistic. Regardless I need to shoot for that mark or higher so I find something in the range I need. Passing and getting the Cisco certs will go a long way towards that goal so they are high priority.

I'm embarrassed that I haven't been devoting any time to writing. Not one word has been set to page for any of my characters and that's a damn shame. I owe them better. I've left George and Blaze offworld (which BTW is NOT where they're going to be almost all of the time) and I've left Oranaan wondering WTF to do next which is not healthy for him. Life always seems to take precedence over what your want to do. :-)

Well I'm going to go back to waiting for my tires. I may drive on five lugs because one of the lug nuts won't easily come off so it may break the stud. But a stud is something I can replace on my own in my own garage without having to pay a labor fee. And the truck will drive fine on five studs for quite a while. In fact I drove it on three studs when that wheel came off last time. As long as there's at least a three-point equidistant hold on the tire and the nuts are tight it shouldn't be a problem.

Back to the waiting...

(Follow-up: No wireless at tire place so I get a chance to edit. Turns out they didn't break the stud but they did munch both it and the nut. $5 at the local parts store got me both and I'll try and install them this weekend. Otherwise all fine.)

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