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Bungle! In the jungle! Well that's all right by me!

Well it looks like the 32GB SD cards I bought a while back are just not up to the task of recording more than 45 minutes of 720p video. We need at least an hour of video capacity on the camera to record my daughter's homework sessions so looks like I'll be buying some 4gb Sandisk cards at some point. Or maybe 8gb/16gb cards. Depends entirely on money.

Set up the ancient fake tree today but haven't decorated it yet. Planning on doing that when the wife gets home. One year I want a real tree but not right now.

The tomato and bean plants seem to be doing better now that I put in the big fluorescent lamp and timer. I'm hoping that we can have at least one or two of the cherry tomatoes ready by the 25th but they grow slower indoors right now so probably not.

Still having trackpad issues with my Macbook but I've found others with the same random clicking issue so I know it's not just my hand resting the wrong way. I can press the lower left corner of the case near the trackpad and it registers a click without touching the button. So it's likely the trackpad will have to be replaced at some point. So for now I'll just live with it until I can afford to replace it.

I think I'm going to try installing my powered usb hub+media reader on the Wii so I can install a wired ethernet adapter and get better connection speeds for Netflix and other stuff. Two usb ports on the Wii is just not enough and we've already got Rock Band 2 stuff plugged into it.

Oh and for the record it kind of irritates me that anime in the instant queue can't be played in subtitled form. I kind of like seeing actual cultural references as well as hearing the original emotional tones. Hear that Netflix?

Starting to feel better lately. The vitamins every day are helping quite a bit. Not losing any more weight - holding at around 225 - 235 - but that will come with time. I know I'm getting a little more energy every day. Which of course is problematic when I want to sleep because under normal circumstances I don't sleep that much.

Need to pick up some calcium-magnesium. In fact we need to make an order from the vitamin catalog here pretty soon but supplements are damn expensive. And if S510 passes (it's been resurrected) they'll become almost non-existent except for "approved" ones from FDA sources. *grumble* I swear this country gets more corrupt every day.

On a more interesting note I may help a friend move again sometime in March. That's going to be interesting but hopefully this will be the last time for a while. Not set in stone yet so we'll see. Thankfully he'd be paying for it.

Still trying to study for my CCNA but I'm not getting real far. It's just so much data and a lot of it requires hands on stuff but I'm having trouble dealing with. It's...overwhelming. Still I'm not giving up just slowed down a bit.

Speaking of slowing down a bit I brewed a half-strength pot of coffee today and I've been able to drink thee cups so far without ill effect. I'll know in about an hour or so but usually by this time I get a bit of cramping in my gut and it's not there so it looks like as long as the coffee is weaker and I take it slow I can drink coffee again. This rocks but for the most part I'm still going to drink tea. Going to try white tea because it's supposed to help suppress the appetite. Always a good thing for me. ;-)

The daughter is currently roaming looking for food. She's been grazing all day but is still hungry. Not surprising as I was the same way growing up. I was ALWAYS hungry. Still am most days. I suspect it has to do with our nervious systems. Imagine if you had a much more complex computer it would take more power right? I suspect that if we truly understood the human nervious system we'd find that people who are ADD/ADHA/Autistic/etc. have a more complex neural structure in some way that requires more resources. But that's just my layman's viewpoint. ;-)

Well I think I've rambled enough. Time to get up and do more stuff. :-)

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