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A spiral drill key...

So I watched all of the anime Gurren Lagann last night. Interesting universe it's written in where ultimately the spiritual strength of the person in question can overcome any physical limitation in both themselves and the physical world around them. The ultimate "heart over matter" universe.

It was an interesting story as well. The first half is kind of the kiddie adventure thing where a group travels together to defeat a great evil. Somewhere a little over halfway it transforms into a serious story with a number of different threads. (It also jumps 7 years ahead to do so.) Well written and for the most part well animated. Though if you watch it on Netflix episode 8 has episode 9 in it's place. (Or is it 9 and 10?) I had to watch that episode elsewhere. And again it's dubbed with a lot of the common voice actors who do this stuff. (The one princess is voiced by the same actress that did Starfire in Teen Titans.)

Not getting a lot done today (some laundry, dishes) but I really do have a lot of cleaning to do. I'm tired but it's my own damn fault - I finished watching Gurren Lagann at almost 2 a.m. this morning.

Had problems with the Pitcam (basement camera) today so I moved it from one spot to another.

And turned off a bunch of servers by accident in the process. Oops.

Anyway they all seem to have come back up okay even though it took a bit of time for Dorothy (the mail server) to finish checking her drives. Stupid power strip switches.

Looks like I'm getting the start of pods on the bean plant in the library. The strawberries seem to have gotten washed out when I watered so I've put marigold seeds in that pot and intend to grow those. We'll see how that goes.

Still watching the large hydroponics buckets on E-Bay for when I have money to do that. I'm betting I can replicate them once I get one in here. Not sure yet on how to replicate nutrient but there have been notes about using liquid compost so I will likely build a composter at some point. A good thing to do anyway but likely not in the house and I'll have to figure out how to run one so it doesn't smell.

My daughter is getting more competent but also more stubborn. She did however just empty her room wastebasket into the kitchen garbage can when told to do so.

On top of everything I think I've caught a cold again. I'm taking zinc and vitamin C but I'm also running myself down a bit so that's probably the cause.

I put up lights on the tree and a few of the windows last night. They're on timers so they go either 8 - 8 or 8 - 11 respectively. I should probably not run them during the day but they certainly help the festive mood. Next year I'm hoping to have solar LED ones so I can run as many as I want without impacting the electric bill.

The gas bill is going to be bad in the summer again because the workshop space heater is having trouble keeping the temp up to 65 degrees at night. I go out there and it's inverted (56 degrees) but at least it's not freezing. I'm sure if the roof were properly insulated it wouldn't be an issue but once again we're talking money.

Since we're looking at an approved extension in unemployment (I'm not 99 weeks yet) I think I'll buy one Styrofoam sheet or one batt of insulation every other check or something. I should be able to pick them up fairly cheaply because I can't afford to buy the "green" stuff so can go for whatever is the least dollar cost. Likely fiberglass insulation and thick white Styrofoam sheets. That is cheap enough to budget for.

I really should delete a bunch of things off my Amazon wish list and E-bay watch list as they tend to push me towards unnecessary spending. I've been resisting so far but still it's a problem. The issue though is I find that I don't want to lost those items because once I delete them I forget why I wanted them and that they even exist. And a number of them are necessary for projects I want to do down the road.

One thing I do need to pick up very very soon is the timing chain stuff for the truck. All told to do the timing chain and water pump including antifreeze it's going to be $80 - $90 dollars. I don't think I'll be able to do it this week but I need to do it some time in January at the very very latest.

If I get a job that truck is my main transportation and it's at least 200k overdue for a timing chain/gears.

I'm going to stop typing now because it's preventing me from getting up and getting things done.

If I don't get to posting a Yule post then everyone try and have a happy holiday season okay? :-)

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