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Getting more things in order around here both for the holidays as well as the arrival of relatives.

Scored something cool off of Freecycle yesterday - a wood and metal futon with a REAL mattress not just the flimsy kind. (Though the flimsy black one was included as well.) It needs a couple of bolts and some TLC but it’s in good condition and fits well in the library.

So now we have extra crash space for friends and family until we can get the third bedroom whipped into shape. I crashed on it myself this afternoon and it’s fairly comfortable. You can’t even feel the frame underneath.

A good score indeed. If only I could get Freecycle to cough up some construction or insulation materials. :-/

Now that my classes are done I need to officially start looking for a job again. I hate it because there are so many jobs out there that don’t fit but would do the job financially. Also all this job searching interferes with my studying for the CCNA exams and a ton of other things. Despite almost no chance of winning this won’t be the last time I wish for a winning lottery ticket.

We managed to have some extra money this week so I ordered the timing chain and gaskets for the Dakota. I’m trying not to drive it unless I have to so I can get those parts put in. If the chain breaks while I’m driving it I’d be looking at another engine which is $1600 minimum off of E-Bay. Not something we can afford right now.

Also ordered a headlight switch because this one is going again. After all this time there’s finally notes about there being a wiring connector issue with that truck. Unfortunately Chrysler won’t replace it for free due to age. So what I’m going to do is replace the switch but put relays in for the headlights themselves so that the main current draw is through the relays not the switch. That means two relays, one for low beam and one for high beam. This also means I can upgrade to HID headlights if I want to at a later time.

Got my great-grandmother’s sewing table all glued back together tonight. I wanted to put it back together using biscuits as well as glue but just didn’t get to it. Fortunately there is Gorilla Glue and it will hold well enough. It’s just not a nice a repair as I’d like. I had to get it done so my mother can take it back with her when she visits us for the Yuletide season.

Still need to finish making the guards for my dad’s grinder. He actually bought a small wet saw and used it to cut his semi-precious stones but he still needs the grinder to clean them up. What he really needs is a lapidary wheel but those cost quite a bit unfortunately. I like the fact that my father seems to have found things he’s truly happy and excited doing. That’s a long time coming. He was one of the better programmers of the 70’s but really got burnt out on it. It’s nice to know his spirit wasn’t ruined inside by that. Gives me hope for myself.

I really really want to move my future into artistic and inventive things but until I can make that have a decent income I have to focus on getting another job. :-(

Anybody want to come to Illinois and teach me the mechanics of drawing people? I can sketch things pretty well for the most part but I could really benefit from some one-on-one training. *shakes head* Never mind. I have a lot of resources already (videos, tons of books) but can’t justify devoting time to properly learning that stuff. Hell I’m having trouble learning what I’m already studying.

This too shall pass.

Taking my vitamins seems to be doing well I just have to remember to eat a significant amount of solid food beforehand. One cup of soup doesn’t cut it. That’s okay I’ll be making more beef stew and chili this week and in following weeks. The crockpot is far more useful than I ever imagined. But then I also can eat the same thing day-in and day-out without board if I like the taste. Just something I can do I guess.

There should be plenty of things I can cook in the crock pot so I’m going to do some more to look up recipes on that front. Turns out it’s also a fair amount cheaper because it makes multiple meals for me not to mention ones that are a little healthier. Good thing for me since I can’t keep eating ramen all the time and vitamins taken after the ramen are a little rough to deal with.

Need to find a cheap source of calcium+magnesium. I’ll probably ask my dad to see if he knows a local source. In the past I’ve used it to help with nerve issues but it’s also supposed to help with ADD symptoms as well. Since I could always use help with the nerve stuff anyway and since I haven’t gotten diagnosed formally yet I might as well take the stuff because it’s going to help one way or another.

In other news it looks like a ladder for the hole into the basement is going to be cheaper than I originally estimated. It’s just annoying to build because it requires notching out the side boards with the circular saw or table saw. I wonder if I can’t just cut the outside notches then use a chisel on the center piece to remote it without having to make a hundred little cuts with the saw. I’ll have to try that first to see if it’s doable.

Damn. The Princess Bride is on the TV right now and I want to go to sleep. We own the DVD but it’s on _right_ _now_. Augh.


*continues to watch the tv*

So much for sleep...

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