nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Why must the day start before noon?

So I'm awake...yeah...*zzzzzzz*

*gets poked by a stick*

Huh? Wha? Oh...right...posting...

All-in-all it has turned out to be an okay holiday season. We survived it anyway. ;-)

We have a ton of cleaning to do. (Why is it there's always a ton more cleaning during the holidays than most other times?) Mostly dishes at the moment but we definitely have to vacuum and dust. I also have to clean out the hearth because it's chok full of ashes that can be used on the sidewalk ice outside.

Wondering why the blossoms on my bean plant look a little withered today. I wonder if mom accidentally watered them when she watered the tomato plants. That would explain it because you can't over-water in these pots or they quickly become waterlogged.

All the immediate relatives on my wife's side of the family have said they'll help with the gardening this season at our house for a share of the crop. This is very cool because it means I can get more planted and have a bigger bunch of beds. Downside? They want zucchini. *shudder* Anyway I'm looking forward to planting a big crop this year in both the side and back gardening spaces. I'm also hoping to get some sort of indoor hydroponics setup going as well but that is going to be a space and money issue that falls AFTER the bills in priority.

Got the timing chain kit in for the truck yesterday and it all looks good. Now I'm just waiting on gaskets and the funds to purchase antifreeze and oil. Once I have all that I can easily take it all apart. I'll probably ask a friend of mine to do it in his garage because he has a full set of mechanic's tools and the experience. I can do it myself but I'm not all that confident on getting the marks all aligned properly.

A double batch of beef stew worked out nicely in the giant crock pot. Next up - chili. I enjoy cooking and this stuff is just so easy and cheap to make it's not funny.

Watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special and was again blown away. It was well written and excellent in all manner of things. :-) Can't wait for the current series to start.

Finished repairing the sewing table for my mother so she was able to take it home yesterday. I wanted to do more but the Gorilla Glue seems to have done the job and in truth it's an "honest" repair rather than the refurbishment I wanted to do using joiner biscuits. Embarrassed by my sloppy glue skills though. Had to trim excess glue. Now I just have to finish the modifications on my dad's grinder.

And I have to do the LCD repair on my brother-in-law's laptop today. That should hopefully only take me an hour or so but I want it done sooner versus later.

I suppose it's time I stopped typing and went and got in the shower so I can start cleaning. *sigh* At least everybody is home to help this week.

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