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Happy Snood Beer!

So another year has passed.and in this case I'm okay to see the back of it. I won't condemn the year like many have done because each year brings us both good and bad. I'm just hopeful that this new cycle will be better.

Going forward I'm hoping to grow a great many plants and vegetables, write and draw and do artistic things, and definitely find several forms of income. (I'd love to grow heirloom plants/vegetables hydroponically and sell them but S510 or whatever form it got passed under has put the kybosh on that plan.)

But still I'm trying to be hopeful. For the moment we're doing okay and I've got the CCNA stuff to complete this year. We'll survive. It may not be easy and it might not be pretty but we'll make it.

Remounted and resealed the weather unit and the temp and wind direction stuff is still not working. I have at least one of the chips to repair it so I'll try that first. I can still buy a replacement (AAG TAI-8515) unit for $98 but that's a little out of the budget right now. And I need to get around to fixing my stuff anyway. Lots of things to fix.

The nice thing is that not I can just get on the roof to maintain the weather unit instead of needing an extension ladder.

Thanks to a warm and drizzly new years eve there's almost no snow on the ground by us but everything is cold and blustery. The wind is hitting regularly in the 10 mph range which doesn't seem like a lot but add in the freezing temp and it cuts through you quite easily.

The friend who gave me the 11.5' plastic jonboat has found a recipient for it so that will be going away this spring. That's cool because it leaves me both with a place for stuff next to the shed and a place for my current boat motor in the garage. Both cool.

Since the roof on the shed is horribly old and failing I'm seriously considering cutting holes in it and converting it to a greenhouse. All of the stuff in there I can easily put elsewhere and used window are really easy to find even well insulated ones. If I can figure out how to heat it during winter I can grow all year around.

Need to clean the house. A good friend will likely be stopping by since he's had a family emergency and has had to fly in from Tokyo. I hope he's okay. I have Guinness and a smoke friendly place for him if he decides to stop by. I still want the place to be clean regardless.

Need to get that CCNA cycle finished here soon. The holidays and a great many things have overturned the applecart for the moment but with the new year I need to get cracking on that again.

Lots of things going on that I just don't want to talk about and can't talk about. But such is life. ;-)

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Tags: bye 2010, new year, the future
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