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The passing of a friend...

January 4, 2011 1:38 PM 1/4/11

So my aforementioned friend with the family emergency had his father pass away just this last weekend. RIP: Art Hannig He passed away due to a stroke. May his journey to his next destination be exactly what he needs and be swift as well.

Fortunately I have enough memories of Art to hold a good recall of him for quite some time.

Art was the kind of man who’s sense of humor and warmth knew almost no bounds. When he’d laugh his whole body would shake as if he was laughing with his whole being not just his flesh and blood.

He taught me a great deal about life, electronics, and above all common sense. it was a joy talking to the man even though I rarely saw him in later years. When he spoke it was with a common man’s clarity such that the words had a strength of their own. i will dearly miss those conversations.

Fare Well my friend. Fare Well.

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