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This week in nerddom...

Just came back from running errands and figured I needed to post an update here.

I started writing the second part of the Torn World story last night. Not much but it's a start and I've got several images stuck in my head in regards to the story so it's definitely going to start moving again.

A friend commented that things like this are my hobbies and must remain so. I disagree. I feel far more alive when doing creative stuff than when doing I/T stuff. That's just the way it is. And that likely means I should have been doing this sort of stuff all along. Something to think about huh? ;-)

I often wonder what the world would be like if everybody was doing what they were happiest doing. A pipe dream in this society at the moment because of the all mighty dollar but fun to think about anyway.

Regardless this makes studying for my CCNA that much harder. I'm still studying for it and I will pass it but it's definitely tougher than it has been in the past.

Burning a bunch of CDs to help clean up said friend's system because his brother infected it. *facepalm* It's okay though because he's family in my mind and it's expected to help out family.

Spent a few meager dollars on iTunes this morning because I found out that they have collections of anime music which are ala-cart as well as convertable to mp3s at 99 cents a track. I picked up a half dozen songs I'd wanted to have after hearing them. Mostly anime opening/closing songs. All good stuff.

My wife grumped a bit because I spent money but she forgets that I do the finances and see all the purchases on both sides. Fast food, e-bay, and iTunes on my side, iTunes, App Store, the autism non-profit, and her family on her side. Enough arguing! We're both at fault!

Our furkid has been particularly playful of late. Much chewing of my hand has become a regular thing as well as a tendency to lick both my wife and I on the arms. Seems like he's settling in quite nicely. He desparately needs a trim though. We managed to hold him down long enough to get most of the stuff out of his eyes but he's still got far too much fur at the moment. The only reason I'm hesitating is that it has been repeatedly negative soemthing-or-other outside and I want him to have that extra protection.

Picked up some Teryaki sauce that was on clearance at the grocery store. Going to try making simple chicken stir-fry this evening for dinner since I thawed the chicken yesterday. I should have everything I need to make stir-fry and fried rice and that's a simple healthy meal. Good stuff. :-)

Well back to the grind...

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